Kundalini Yoga – Part 1: Who is Kundalini?

The Kundalini Power (Photo Credit: Google)

The Kundalini Power (Photo Credit: Google)

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most esoteric and powerful yoga paths. In this system, dormant spiritual power called Shridevi Kundalini is awakened in the practitioner by a Sadguru(Realized Master) and the yoga happens automatically!  So, this way, if done properly, it is the easiest of all yoga systems.  Let us understand this in detail.

Who is Kundalini?

Before we continue, let us pray the Great Mother Shri Devi, who is in the form of Kundalini in all of us, for Her blessing:

Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu shakti roopena samsthita |
Namah Tasyai namah Tasyai namah Tasyai namo namah || – Shri Devi Mahatmya

Meaning: Our salutations are to Shridevi who is present as Shakti(the power; Mother Kundalini) in all beings. Salutations to Her, salutations to Her and salutations to Her.

As said above, Shridevi is existent in everything as Kundalini Shakti (Serpent Power).  She is the most beautiful, all powerful and caring divine Mother Goddess Shri Parvati, Shiva’s consort. She controls each and everything in us. Without Her command, ears do not hear, eyes do not see and nothing else works. Without her wish, we cannot write this article, you cannot read either!

Meaning of Kundalini

The Sanskrit word Kundalini means coiled. According to our Realized Masters, she is sleeping as a coiled serpent(cobra) in the center muladhara chakra (root wheel) of our subtle psychic body.  The coil has  three and a half turns. There are many meanings to this. These three turns represent past, present and future and the half being the power beyond these. It also means three natures satva(pure), rajas(aggressive) and tamas(lethargic) and the half means the Divine Power beyond these etc.

Practically, how does she look like?

Mother Kundalini can be seen or experienced during Kundalini  Yoga practice. According to our Great Masters, she looks like a golden colored serpent or golden light or flow of molten gold. She can also be experienced as flow of pure bliss in Kundalini Yoga.

The Two States of Kundalini: Sleeping and Waking

According to our Scriptures, Kundalini Devi  exists in two states. One is sleeping or dormant and the other is waking or active.   For all normal people, Kundalini is in deep sleep in the psychic center Muladhara. This means if she is sleeping, she works as Mahamaya (Mother of Great Illusion) and ensures us to be ignorant of our real nature to burn our karma in this birth.  What is ignorance? It is a feeling of – “Our Self is different from the Universal Self and we are powerless.”

On the other hand, if She is awakened, She will become our benevolent and caring Mother Shridevi.  She helps us to achieve the real yoga, i.e. merging of our Individual Self with the Universal Self.  So, the term sleeping means that she is not active (or sleeping) from spiritual perspective.

Note: For a detailed treatise, we recommend you to refer to the book on Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga,  The Serpent Power written by a great personality Shri Jnana Vriksha Roopa( Sir John Wood Roffe). He also wrote with his pen name, Arthur Avalon. Shri Jnana Vriksha Roopa cleared the cobwebs and dust accumulated on the understanding of our Great Scriptures, the Tantras.

We have a great regard for Shri Vriksha Roopa. We recognize his works that throw light on our Great Tantric Scriptures which enrich our knowledge even today. Although, he was British by birth, in all other aspects(his thinking style, philosophy, respect for our Scriptures and Great Masters etc.), he was 100% Indian.  To appreciate and adore his depth of knowledge and contribution to clarify understanding of our Tantras, we have called him Shri Jnana Vriksha Roopa(Iconic Tree of Knowledge). That says it all!

Before we move further, it important to understand psychic anatomy and the chakras(wheels).  Let us discuss in the upcoming post!

Next Post: Kundalini Yoga – Part 2:  Psychic body and Chakras(lotuses). Stay on with me!

Durgam devim sharanamaham prapadye |

I pray all powerful and invincible Durga Devi and take her refuge!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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