Kundalini Yoga – Part 5: How to Practice?

Kundalini meditation

Kundalini Meditation (Photo Credit: Rei-Kei)

In the earlier post, we discussed how Kundalini works. We have a practical question now:

How do we achieve the real yoga taking help of awakened Kundalini?

We know what the real  yoga means: merging of our Individual Self with the Universal Self 

First of all, we need to be qualified to receive the Grace of a Sadguru. After that, we ought to surrender ourselves to the Sadguru with humility and pray for the Grace.  If we are lucky, our Kundalini gets awakened by the kind Grace of  Sadguru via shaktipat.

Are you curious about how the spiritual Grace is transmitted  by the Sadguru in Shaktipat initiation? If yes, you may want to read a detailed article(with a link to videos). After watching the videos, if you are courageous and still interested to receive the Grace via Shaktipat, you may check our links section on the main page to get some information on recommended Perfect Realized Masters.

Once Kundalini is awakened, we need to meditate regularly as directed by Sadguru. Meditation may involve mental repetition of some mantra or doing nothing but just observing the awakened Kundalini.

During  meditation, Kundalini tries to rise.  On her way, she encounters our karmas in Sushumana.  She is like a fire.  So,  she dissolves some accumulated karma in every session of meditation and goes up a little further.

Burning of our entire karma may take a few years or couple of births depending on the individual.  One has to meditate regularly to facilitate the upward movement of Kundalini. This is very essential to burn our karmas to facilitate merging ourselves with Shiva (the Absolute) at sahasrara.

Once sushumna and chakras are purified, Kundalini goes  to sahasrara and meets her Lord, Shiva. Shiva and Shakti become extremely happy by meeting after a long separation! This happiness manifests as supreme bliss. The practitioner feels the absolute peace, happiness and infinite bliss. No word can explain this experience! Thus, the union of Shakti with Shiva at sahasrara gives us the experience of bliss in the samadhi state.

This is how we (our Individual Self) can merge with Shiva(Universal Self) in Kundalini YogaKundalini Yoga shows us the practical path to graduate ourselves to become Shiva! The key in this yoga is to get the Grace of a Sadguru.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the greatest and easiest forms of yoga.  In Kundalini mediation, yoga happens automatically. No need to put any extra effort in focusing the mind etc.! Just we need to surrender completely to Kundalini Devi. We should trust her and she takes care of everything for us!

In Raja Yoga, we use mind as tool for yoga. But, here in Kundalini Yoga, we take refuge in the divine Mother Devi Kundalini. She herself takes us in her divine hands with care and introduces us to her peerless Lord, Shiva(Universal Self). Can any other yoga path be better than this?

Because of very nature of oneness of Shiva and Shakti, activated Kundalini surely merges with Shiva and thus guarantees us that we definitely achieve the real goal of yoga.  Do we need anything else?

Many people have a notion that Kundalini Yoga is harmful. Sense of fear is prevalent in some others about Kundalini practice.  Why should she harm at all? Why is that apprehension? 

We will explore in the next post!

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Tamaadi Shaktim pranatah sma nityam |

Let us pray that primordial Shakti always (for her kind Grace)!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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