Kundalini Yoga- Part 6: Is Kundalini harmless?

The Power of  Kundalini (Photo Credit: Spiritual Powers)

The Power of Kundalini (Photo Credit: Spiritual Powers)

We had been discussing the practical aspects of Kundalini Yoga in the last post. Let us now come to the safety measures required in the practice.

To answer the question in the topic, let us ask more questions! :

Is electricity harmful? Is the fire dangerous? Is the nuclear energy hazardous? and so on.

It depends. Answer can be both yes and no!

How? They are all  great powers. We can benefit immensely if we learn how to  use them properly.  We can run trains using electricity. We can cook using fire. Nuclear energy is useful in generating electric power. Are they not harmless and useful?

Remember, with power,  comes responsibility. Whether you like it or not, it is a package deal. That is to say we need to handle the power responsibly.  Think again. How do we approach fire or electricity? We respect them for their power and take appropriate safety measures before we use them.  Right?

It is also important to check if a person is qualified enough to handle the power. Let us take an example of a kitchen knife. Is it dangerous to use? Answer can be again both yes and no! In an adult’s hands, it can be very useful tool to cut vegetables. What about giving it to a kid? It can be very dangerous! Is that right?

What are the key lessons from the above(cryptic!) discussion?

When we are dealing with great powers like Kundalini, we need to respect them first. We have to be qualified to handle them.  We must learn from a Sadguru(Realized Master). We need to take appropriate measures so that we are safe. Got it now? Fine. Back to the topic! Somebody is asking a question now:

How do we deal with Kundalini safely?

First and foremost,  we need to learn to respect our great Mother Kundalini.  We should pray her for her Grace. To awaken her, we must use gentle and respectful methods like shaktipat.  This means we should never use any forceful means of awakening Mother Kundalini. Also, caution is in order: this yoga should never be practiced by following the instructions in some yoga books without the guidance of a Realized Master(Sadguru).

After all, what is the form of Mother Kundalini? She sleeps as a powerful serpent at muladhara.  Let us use our common sense here. How do we approach a serpent? With reverence and care! Otherwise, we are running into a lot of risk.  Have you ever tried to irritate a sleeping snake? You know what I mean. Devi Kundalini is the Mother of all powers. We can win her Grace by surrendering to her and never by force!

OK! What should we do to please Kundalini?

Plain and simple: We should pray her for her kind Grace! Let us adore her with respect.  She is compassionate and caring like a mother. With all honesty, let us  submit ourselves to her completely.

Rest assured. She will definitely take care of us. To awaken her to help us, we should get qualified first. Then we need to approach a Sadguru who can bestow us Shaktipat and guide us in our spiritual evolution.  This will help us to achieve our real goal of yoga.

We hope the message is crystal clear now. Start your journey today. All the best!

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What is coming next? We will discuss another esoteric path of yoga. Guess it?

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Om Namah Shivaya |

– Kalidas

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