A Spiritual Scientific Fiction: God Particle: Part – 1

Trajectories of God Particle (Credit: Wikipedia)

Trajectories of So Called God Particle (Credit: Wikipedia)


This is a story of virtual reality – it conveys eternal Vedic truths in an imaginative story. It blends spiritual knowledge and inquiry in scientific fiction.  The style is adopted from our Upanishads, i. e. abstract ultimate truths packaged in a more realistic and appealing narration to make them more palatable. Please read on. Enjoy! Have fun!!


Bozon Rao

Not so long ago, there was a famous particle physicist called Bozon Rao. Both of his parents were theoretical physicists. So, they named their son with this funny name Bozon which rhymes with Boson, name of an elementary particle.

Bozon grew up.  He did his Ph.D. from AlTech, the numero uno institute in the world in the area of particle physics. After spending a few years as postdoctoral fellow, he returned to India and became a professor at a premier research institute.

Although, he was a scientist, unlike others, he was somewhat spiritual too. This looks a bit strange, right? Of course!  Scientist and spirituality are natural enemies, like oil and soap. They do not go well together. Obviously, Bozon was different – like a diamond among the stones.

Internally, he believed that, there exists something beyond our physical world, that is responsible for creation of this world and that controls the universe.  He wanted to understand more into this. It was about that time, as though by Nature’s Grace, he was invited to join an experimental program to probe and understand the theoretically established elementary particle dubbed “God Particle”.

Goal of the project was to confirm the existence of God Particle by an experiment and to comprehend its role in creation of the world by Big Bang.  Of course, he was very thrilled by this opportunity and joined the project as a lead scientist.

It took five years to build an experimental set-up.  The experiment went on for almost a year. Finally, there was some light at the end of the tunnel! The experiment confirmed existence of the God Particle.  Entire scientific community was jubilant. There were many celebrations around the world. The project team was felicitated by many countries recognizing their significant contribution to advancement of human knowledge.

Many scientists thought –the  key to unlock the secrets of nature (as you know, scientists are averse to use the term God 😉 ) was just a few inches away. The hype overtook all logic and rational thinking! It made the God Particle research as the next big thing in scientific research. But, Bozon thought differently. The critical questions to him were:

How do we link this God Particle with the creation of the world? Even if we could, how could we validate the theory when the time-scale of astronomical phenomenon is in billions of years?

He could not find any reasonable solution to his queries in his scientific domain. Spiritual being in him suggested: “Come on Bozon! Don’t act like a bozo. You are from India, the land of great spiritual knowledge. Maybe the Great Indian Masters might provide you some answers. There can be some mention in some ancient Hindu Scriptures about this. Why can’t you meet a Realized Master?” He took the advice and decided to meet a well-known master of that time, Shri Sujnan Giri  to get some knowledge and thereby some solace.

 The Realized Master – Shri Sujnan Giri

Shri Sujnan Giri was one of the greatest realized masters of his time in India. He was really fit for his name – Sujnan Giri, meaning the mountain of the Highest Knowledge. He was well-versed in four Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures. He had a happy family that used to follow Vedic Dharma, lifestyle as dictated by the Vedas.

Apart from his expertise in scriptures, he was a Realized Master in yoga. He was  practicing the real traditional yoga after receiving a proper initiation from a Realized Master. Thus, he was an embodiment of theory and practice of Hindu spirituality.

The Grand Welcome

After finishing his plenary lecture on the God Particle in an elite international conference, Professor Bozon started off to meet the Master – Shri Sujnan Giri. As he parked his car and reached the gate of Shri Sujnan Giri’s house, he had a surprise waiting him. A tiger was sleeping across the way at the entrance! “Grrrr…” – the tiger roared after seeing Professor Bozon. The professor got scared and started screaming for help.

Just then, Sanat, the eldest son of Shri Sujnan Giri came running there and called the tiger back – “Satvik, sweetie come here!”  The tiger went back to Sanat, wagging his tail.  Sanat held the tiger and asked:

“Hari Om! Namaste! I am Sanat, Shri Sujnan Giri’s eldest son. Please welcome. Don’t worry about the tiger. It is his way of greeting our guests!  May I know, what brings you here?”

“I am Bozon Rao. I am a professor in particle physics. I have some questions. So, I would like to meet the Master, Shri Sujnan Giri”

“Fine. Professor, please come like this.” Sanat lead the way to his house.

“I am curious. How come you are keeping tigers at your place?”

“That is an interesting story. As you know, the tiger is our national animal. They are slowly becoming extinct. They belong to endangered species in India. So, we thought we will give them shelter in our house. In our family, all of us are established in the principle of ahimsa(non-violence). It is the first yama(observance) and first step of Maharishi Patanjali’s Raja Yoga. Yoga Sutras say:

Ahimsapratistayam tatsannidhau vaira tyagah | -Patanjala Yoga Sutras 2.35

Stability in practicing ahimsa leads to elimination of enmity in his presence.

So, as mentioned in Yoga Sutras, in our presence natural enemies like cow-tiger, snake-mongoose behave like friends. It is not surprising at all. We have cows, tigers, deer and leopards living together as friends with perfect harmony.”

“How come tiger is not aggressive?”

“Professor, you are what you eat. As laid down by our Scriptures, we are pure vegetarians.  We do not want to accumulate bad karma by eating meat. We offer only satvik (pure) food to the animals too. In fact, tigers and leopards eat rice and dal (lentils).  Just like us! Their aggressive nature is completely eliminated because of pure vegetarian diet.

Because of his calm nature, we named this tiger as Satvik.  Is he not synonymous? We love him! He is well-behaved. He just roared to welcome you! This informed us that we have a guest waiting at the gate. He protects us, since we protect him giving food.  In our family, Humans and Animals live together in a symbiotic way.”

“This is amazing. I can’t believe it. “

“There is no miracle. What you see here is the result of practicing the principles taught by our Great Masters and Scriptures. OK. My father is in the puja(worship) now. Could you please wait here until he finishes his worship?  Be comfortable. Feel at home. Please have some fruits and milk! ”

Thanks a lot. I will wait here.” said professor Bozon sitting on the bamboo cot, enjoying the view of picturesque lush green garden filled with flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees. Melodious song of birds made his waiting a pleasure.

(… To be continued)

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Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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