A Spiritual Scientific Fiction: God Particle – Part 2

Model of a Complex System (Credit: Google)

Model of a Complex System (Credit: Google)

You have read so far in the earlier post: A particle physicist Professor Bozon Rao wants to know the answers for his tough questions. To find some solution, he goes to meet the Realized Master Shri Sujnan Giri.  The professor had to wait until Shri Sujnan Giri finished his worship.

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Meeting the Master

Professor Bozon Rao was waiting on the lounge. After about an hour, Shri Sujnan Giri came out of his puja. He asked:

“Hari Om! Namaste!  I am Sujnan Giri. Welcome to our house. You are a scientist. How come you wanted to know about God? I don’t see any connection! Are you a real scientist? By the way what happened to your experiment?”

Professor was completely astonished and said – “Namaste, Sir. I am Professor Bozon Rao working in the area of particle physics.  I am surprised! How could you know about my experiment?”

Shri Sujnan Giri replied: “I am clairvoyant. This means that I can see things clearly as they are. I can seamlessly go back and forth in time(past-present-future). I saw you involved in that God Particle experiment.  My yoga practice graced this siddhi (special power) upon me. This is all because of the kindness of my Guru(Master).”

“Am I losing my logic and rationality? I was about to tell about myself. You started narrating my story!”

“The God is beyond your logic and reasoning. You better park your so called scientific thinking before you understand spirituality. Don’t look for the particle that created this world. Know about that force that created that particle! Understand that force that is present in each and every particle. Our holy Vedas emphasize by repeatedly saying in many places:

Anoraneeyaan mahatomaheeyaan…|

That force is smaller than smallest, larger than largest… “

Professor said – “Our goal was to know that force.  According to particle physics, elementary particles like proton and electrons make the matter. Although the existence of God Particle was proved by theory, only recently,  we could observe the trajectories of that particle experimentally. We hypothesize that this God Particle is responsible for creation of the world.”

“According to Indian metaphysics, the entire world is made up of that force called Brahman. It is only because of Brahman, entire world works. People call that force by different names like God, Universal Self, Paramatma, etc.  That is responsible for creation of the world.

It is difficult to demonstrate the existence of Brahman to others, since they are  in the darkness of ignorance. Only qualified people can experience Brahman by the Grace of a Realized Master(Sadguru)  in traditional yoga. Our Great Masters(rishis) have documented their experiences of  Brahman in ourVedas and Upanishads.  So, we have theoretical and experimental evidence for Brahman. By the way, how do you validate your hypothesis?”

“That is where we have our problem. We really do not know! Since the time scale of astronomic phenomena is in billions of years, we do not have any scientific method to prove our hypothesis in a human life time!”

“I heard that nowadays scientists simulate almost anything in the lab. Can’t you do it?”

“Yes Sir. Simulation in the lab is an option. But, in this case, permutations and combinations of millions of parameters and equations grow exponentially large leading to what we call combinatorial explosion. So, simulation by modeling is simply not feasible.”

“The world by nature is dynamic and evolutionary. How do you account for this in your models or experiments?”

“This poses another serious challenge to simulation. The values of current parameters cannot be kept constant. We do not know the accurate partial differential equations on how these parameters change as the function of time (i.e. as time changes). Because of evolutionary theory of survival of the fittest, some parameters tend to become redundant with time and new parameters emerge. There is no easy way to model these scenarios.”

“What do you mean by parameters becoming redundant and emergence of new parameters?”

“Every day some old stars phase out and new stars born by natural evolutionary process. So, we cannot determine the exact number of stars to study the complex interaction of God Particle to study the creation of the world. I hope it clarifies.”

“Got it now. Is there any luck in using the existing data to build models?”

“We looked at the problem from this angle too. The main issue is: we do not have enough reliable data on occurrence of astronomical phenomena! For example, we really do not know when meteors hit other stars.  What we know maybe a drop; what we don’t know is an ocean. Unless we have sufficient diverse data points, we cannot observe the underlying patterns and systematics to derive any relationship to build models. Moreover, some of our data points can even be wrong!”

“How? It is interesting. But, it is becoming somewhat abstract now. Could you give an example?”

“Sure. Let us take a data point, number of planets in our solar system. It is  currently eight, not nine. For last 76 years, we used to believe that we had nine planets in our solar system. In 2006, we got came to know that the Pluto is not a real planet, but it is a dwarf planet.”

“It is clear now. What happens if number of planets is a crucial data point in your modeling?”

“Let me explain. If  the number of planets was the principal data in our model, the answers we get from the modeling will be completely wrong! So, we thought, building models based on the existing astronomical data may not yield any sensible result.”

“Is there any way to use statistical modeling as an alternative approach?”

“Unfortunately, we cannot use statistical data collected in the past, since we do not have enough occurrences of random astronomical phenomena. As discussed earlier taking an example of planets, there can be some serious error in the experimental data itself.

Factoring in all these issues, it becomes very clear that statistical modeling is of little use.  Trying to predict a future event based on unreliable historical data is like sowing the seeds depending on last year’s rain. Practically, it simply doesn’t fly.“

“How about building a complex system to get some reliable answer?”

“Yes, that was on our cards too! We thought of building a complex computer system to solve millions of differential equations to simulate this phenomenon. This cannot be very useful either.

Fundamentally, we cannot build any complex system from scratch. Because such a complex system ought to evolve incrementally before it works without errors or failures. Unknown interactions between several variables can only be known when the complex system starts its operation. There is no way to predict these interactions a priori.

For example, car is an example of a complex system. Building of a car did not happen overnight. The design and working of the car evolved over many years, so that it can work flawlessly and safely. As a fundamental rule, any new complex system built from scratch for the first time, almost always fails due to some unforeseen internal or external interactions.

We are hitting the limitations of science.  After all, models are models. Reality is reality. So, I thought our Indian philosophy may help me in knowing about the force that created this universe.”

“After hearing all your issues, I think, finally the scientists realized the limits of their experiments and modeling capabilities. Looks like they now recognize the boundaries of their so called scientific knowledge.

Scientists take a torch of experiment to discover the truths of nature hidden in darkness. Every side they shine the torch, they see only something and many other things show up blurry. They feel there is  more to know. Our Great Indian Masters, just access the  light of Universal Self that makes everything to appear. This light of Highest Knowledge shows everything up at once!

Professor! Building any machines and physical experiments will not help you to know about God. You need to realize that force yourself. Without that force nothing works. Our ancient Scriptures say:

Tena vina trinamapi na chalati |

That means without that force even a blade of grass cannot move.”

Professor’s scientific temper got ignited now! He asked – “All that theory is fine. But, I am an experimental physicist. Sorry to ask this- can we have any proof?”

“ Fine. I am a meta-physicist. Scientists demand proof for everything for whatever that is worth. As Great Kashmiri Shaivate Master Shri Kshemaraja Padah puts it – some are after pramana varaka (poor and miserable proof). You can’t help. Anyway, I will demonstrate it. Bring me 108 paddy seeds with 100% germination ability.”

(To be continued…)

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Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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