54th Flower Offered on the Divine Feet of Lord Shiva and Shridevi !

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Jasmine Flower  (Photo Credit: Wikimedia)


Hari Om ! Namaste!!

Good news!!

With the recent article on Rudraksha Yoga, we offered 54th post as a flower on the divine feet of  Lord Shiva and Shridevi.

It is a milestone, because the number 54 is half of the holy number 108. This endeavor is possible only by the inspiration of Shridevi and the guidance from our Sadguru‘s Grace.

At this auspicious occasion, we would like to remember the 100th shloka from Soundarya Lahari of Shri Shankara Bhagavatpadah.

Pradeepajwaalabhir divasakara neerajanavidhih
sudhaasootheh chandropala jalalavair arghya rachana|
Swakeeyairambhoobhih salilanidhi sauhityakaranam
tvadeeyabhihr vagbhihstava janani vachaam stutitiriyam ||

– Soundarya Lahari 100

Just as waving a lighted lamp (arati) to the blazing Sun,
Just as making an offering of water(arghya) that oozes out of moonstone to the Moon,
Just as making a water offering(tarpana) to ocean,
Is  to return what belongs to itself,
O source of all learning(Shridevi)! this hymn addressed to you,
Composed of words that are already yours!

We offer all our posts of this blog to the divine feet of Lord Shiva and Shridevi – with great respect, devotion and humility. As discussed above, all words belong to Shridevi(also Lord Shiva because of oneness of Shiva and Shakti) . Words are nothing but Herself(Vaak devi or Saraswati).

Now, let us pray the divine parents for their Grace!

Jagatah pitarau vande Parvati Parameshwarau | – Raghuvamsha 1.1
I Salute the parents of the Universe, Shridevi Parvati and Lord Shiva. (for their Grace to know the word and its meaning).

Sarve janaah sukhino bhavatu |
May everybody be healthy and happy!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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