Oneness of Lakshmi and Parvati – Esoteric Meaning of Sarvamangala Sloka

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All Powerful Shridevi Durga  (Credit: Google)

Hari Om! Namaste!!

As we discussed while exposing the meaning of the word Shridevi, Lakshmi and Parvati are basically one and the same. They are the powers of Great Mother Durga. This is clearly recorded in the following interesting sloka from the Scripture Devi Mahatmya:

The Verse (Sloka)

Sarvamangala mangalye Shive! sarvartha sadhike | Line #1
Sharanye tryambake Devi (Gauri)! Narayani! namostu te || Line #2

General Meaning:

Line#1 Most auspicious of all auspicious! Parvati! Provider of all desires!
Line#2 Refuge of everything! Three-eyed! Devi(Parvati)! Lakshmi!  We salute you !!

Read the meaning? Whom are we praying here? Parvati? Lakshmi? or both? or Durga? Does Lakshmi have three eyes? Is it all confusing?

OK. Let us try to understand vagartha (word and its meaning) of the sloka clearly.

Meaning #1

Let us rearrange as follows:

Sarvamangala mangalye sarvartha sadhike Shive! #1
Sharanye tryambake Devi (Gauri)  Narayani!  namostu te || #2

In the first line, underlined words refer to Shri Lakshmi who is most auspicious of auspicious and provider of all desires. But the line is addressed to Parvati as Shive!   In other words, we are praying Parvati to fulfill all our desires as Shri Lakshmi.

The second line is addressed to Lakshmi (Narayani)!  But how? As Parvati who is having three-eyes,  the refuge of everybody to escape endless birth and death cycle. Parvati is the presiding deity for liberation(moksha).

In summary, we are praying Parvati as Lakshmi and Lakshmi as Parvati.  This indicates, although Lakshmi and Parvati  look like separate, they are one and the same. They are just different powers of the same deity, all powerful Mahadevi Durga.

Meaning #2

Let us rearrange the sloka as follows:

Sarvamangala mangalye sarvartha sadhike Narayani! | #1
Sharanye tryambake Shive! Devi(Gauri)!  namostu te || #2

In the first line, we are praying Lakshmi, who is auspicious of all auspicious things, who is the giver of all desires and material enjoyment (bhoga). In the second line, we request Parvati to provide us her refuge, i.e. liberation (moksha).

In the sloka, either Devi or Gauri word is used. If we say Devi, we are addressing  Durga Devi, who has the combined powers of Lakshmi and Parvati. The word Gauri may be used to emphasize separate  powers of Lakshmi and Parvati in Supreme Mother Durga.

More peculiarities of Sloka

  1. Sarvartha Sadhike:  means fulfiller of all desires. The word sarvartha also means four attainments of human beings (purushartha) viz. Dharma(dutiful living), Artha(wealth), Kama(desires) and Moksha(liberation).
  2. Tryambake: Three eyed(like Lord Shiva). Esoteric meaning: Three eyes of Lord Shiva represent Moon, Sun and Fire. They also symbolize Ida, Pingala and Sushumna channels in our psychic body. In other words, the second line of the sloka  is addressed to Mother KundaliniOnce awakened by a realized master, Devi Kundalini removes our ignorance and ensures us to achieve liberation.
  3. Lakshmi and Parvati are the consorts of Vishnu and Shiva respectively. In the sloka, we are praying Lakshmi as Parvati and vice versa. What does this mean? It suggests the Lakshmi and Parvati are one and the same. Indirectly, it implies the oneness of Vishnu and Shiva. This further shows that you may pray any of these deities to get material enjoyment or liberation or both!
  4. The sloka also indicates that the Great Goddess Durga is the supreme mother of all powers.
  5. In essence, we are praying Lakshmi and Parvati powers of Durga Devi  to help us achieve material enjoyment(bhoga) and liberation(moksha). What else do we need?

What is the hidden message of this mystical sloka?

Shri Devi Durga is mother of all powers. She gives us material prosperity(bhoga) as Lakshmi. She provides us liberation(moksha) and final refuge to escape from birth and death cycle, as Parvati.  Your prayer goes to the same power, no matter whom you pray, whether it is Lakshmi or Parvati. Finally, Shridevi Durga is that power who bestows you whatever you ask her with complete devotion and faith. Is it clear?

Finally, we have our eternal question now! 😉

Sorry! I am still confused. I am a business executive. Whom should I pray in this sloka to get what benefit? What is the bottom line?

You can use this sloka equally well to pray Lakshmi, Parvati or Durga. Pick your favorite one! Ultimately, Shridevi Durga is the one who gives you whatever you pray for. As discussed, the sloka can be used to achieve both material enjoyment and liberation in a single prayer! Can we ask for anything more? We hope it is crystal clear now.

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Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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