Rudraksha Yoga Site Update: New header picture added. FAQ and About pages revised.

The Great Himalayas(Photo Credit: Kalidas)

The Great Himalayas (Photo by Kalidas)


Hari Om! Namaste!!

Here the latest updates of the Rudraksha Yoga Blog:

New Header Picture: The Great Himalayas

We have  recently updated the home page of Rudraksha Yoga with a picture of the Himalayas. Now, the question is:

But, why the Himalayas?

The Great Himalayas of India  inspired our saints and Great Masters from time immemorial. Even today, countless sages live there. It is the origin of our holy river Ganga(a.k.a Ganges), who washes out our sins to prepare ourselves to access the Highest Knowledge.

It is a great landmark to identify our Punya Bhoomi(holy land) Bhaaratha(India). It has been said:

Uttaram yat samudrasya himadreh chaiva dakshinam |
Varsham tad Bhaaratham naama Bhaarathee yatra santatih ||

Meaning: The land, north of the ocean(i.e.Hindu Mahasagara or Indian Ocean) and south of the Himalayas, is called India(a.k.a. Bharathavarsha). It is the country where Bharatheeyas(Indianslive.

According to our Scriptures, it is the abode of Lord Shiva. Moreover, Shridevi Parvati is the daughter of the Great Himalayas. Thus, the picture of the Himalayas is  well-connected with our concept of Rudraksha, i.e. Rudra is Lord Shiva and Aksha is Devi Parvati.

The current picture is a beautiful view of snow-clad mountains of Western Himalayan Range. Naturally, tall Himalayan peaks touching clouds metaphor with the Highest Knowledge that we focus in the Rudraksha Yoga blog.  So, the picture conveys the theme of the blog very meaningfully with profound symbolism.

Other Updates

The About and FAQ pages have been updated to reflect the aim of this blog and our policies  in detail.

Enjoy reading! Have Fun!!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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