Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation: How does it look like? What does really happen during the initiation?

Image of Shaktipat Initiation

Awakening Kundalini by Shaktipat by Realized Master (Credit: Google)


Hari Om! Namaste!!

We will try to be brief in this post(we mean it 😉 ) As we discussed, Kundalini Yoga is one of the easiest, mystical and highest forms of traditional yoga. In this yoga path,  Perfect Realized Master(Sadguru) awakens Mother Kundalini in the disciple via Shaktipat initiationWe had been talking about it in many of our earlier posts. Now, the real question is:

How does the Shaktipat Initiation look like? What really happens during the transfer of spiritual energy from the realized master(Sadguru) to the disciple?

Before we answer this question, just  see these videos. You may gauge the power of Realized Masters observing them in action!  Seeing is believing. right? After you finish watching at least 2-3 videos, continue reading this article further. By the way, don’t miss the mass Shaktipat initiation by our Parama Guru Baba Muktananda! How did you feel? We know. Here are your typical reactions:

It is amazing. But very Scary!

Yes, of course! Kundalini Yoga is not for faint-hearted.  It is for the adventurous people.  Although, everybody’s experience during the Shaktipat is unique and different, the experience you saw on the videos can happen to you too! May be not also. The key is to get the Grace of Shaktipat by a Realized Sadguru in the process.

Important qualifications of a Sadguru are: 1. He should come from a lineage of Realized Masters. 2. He ought to be a Realized Master himself. 3. He must be authorized and commanded by his own Guru to bestow Shaktipat to others. You need to have full faith in your Sadguru and Shridevi Kundalini. You must trust these two Great Forces to start with. Then, you won’t be scared of anything!

Guru will protect you and will guide you throughout your path to realization. Moreover, before we take initiation, we need to prepare ourselves to get the Grace of Shakti to flow down to us very easily from the Master.

Realized Masters have infinite power! It is extraordinary!! The experience must be very thrilling. I am interested!

Did you see how the Masters transfer the energy and control it too? Realized Masters have absolute power to transmit and control the spiritual energy.  Some initiates have dramatic experiences during Shaktipat. But, everything is under complete control. The compassionate Guru(Master) ensures the safety of each and every disciple. He guides the disciple throughout the entire journey of traditional yoga.

The experience can be very thrilling and enjoyable because the Supreme Kundalini energy tries to gush through your nadis, removing some blockages. In many of the cases of Shaktipat initiation, Mother Kundalini travels through the entire path of Sushumna to merge with Lord Shiva at Sahasrara. This results in an extremely blissful state of Samadhi

Further, it introduces the initiate on – how it feels to have happiness in its entirety within in oneself. This convinces the practitioner beyond an iota of doubt that comparable happiness cannot obtained by focusing on any external objects or engaging in any other activity in life.

Now, we have a question:

I am totally confused now. Can I practice Kundalini Yoga at all?  Is it really safe for me or not?

You are the best judge for that! It is pretty much like deciding: “should I have to take a roller-coaster ride or not?” For some people, it is scary. For others, it is fun and really thrilling! You need to go by your own gut feeling. Unless you are confident, don’t go in a path just because somebody suggested it.

Honestly, I would like to get that experience. But, slightly concerned. What do you recommend?

First of all prepare yourself. Choose a trusted Realized Master for Shaktipat. Adore him. Surrender to him fully to receive the Grace. Pray Shridevi. Because, She herself lives as Mother Kundalini in you! If you follow as advised, we can guarantee that everything will definitely be fine.

One thing is sure: if you are fortunate to get the Grace of Shaktipat from a Realized Master, Kundalini Yoga is one of the easiest and safest yoga path filled with fun and great spiritual experiences along the way. Convince yourself that Mother Kundalini is harmless and benevolent if we approach her properly, i.e. with respect and devotion.

Let us assure you that if you take the right approach, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of.  On the other hand, if you won’t get Shaktipat, you need to be always be afraid of infinite birth and death cycle. Just think about it. Now, you may decide what you need to do!

Things can be very dangerous if you go with the so called modern masters who sell the initiation. These fake masters’ eye is on your wallet and their selfish goals to accumulate wealth, fame etc. They are not bothered about your spiritual progress nor to guide you. Moreover, they may even render your psycho-somatic system significantly damaged by their amateur Shaktipat experiment on you. By all means, avoid these fake masters in the market for your safety and well-being.

Now, for a moment, just imagine: what might happen if Kundalini is awakened by some means without the guidance of a Guru? We can’t even guess! We should really be concerned. Let me put it this way: things can be very unpredictable and potentially harmful. So, kids! do not try to practice something to awaken Kundalini yourself by reading benefits and practices in some books. We want you to be healthy, safe and happy. Alright?

If you are courageous and still interested to take up the path of Kundalini Yoga, we have a list of recommended Realized Masters in our links section of the blog. You may want to check them out. All the best to start your blissful journey!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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