A conVerse: Know the Difference, Asana is not Yoga!

Picture of a new age yoga pose!

Having Fun and Being Funny! An Advanced New Age Yoga Pose!! 🙂  (Source: Google)

Brick is part of a house.
But, it cannot be called a house!
Asana is a part of yoga
But, it cannot be called yoga!
Know the difference, Asana is not yoga. || 1 ||

Step is part of a ladder
But, it cannot be called a ladder!
Asana is a step, in the ladder of yoga
To access the Universal Self!
Know the difference, Asana is not yoga. || 2 ||

Asana is a milestone, on the road of yoga
But, milestone cannot be the road,
To reach the ultimate destination,
Which is the Universal Self!
Know the difference, Asana is not yoga. || 3 ||

Asana is a seat; yoga is the vehicle
Seat cannot be the vehicle,
To take you to the final Abode,
Which is the Universal Self!
Know the difference, Asana is not yoga. || 4 ||

Taste is side-effect of eating,
Quenching hunger is the goal!
Healing is side-effect of yoga,
Merging with Universal Self is the goal
Know the difference, yoga is not for health. || 5 ||

Why that daily circus, practicing  asanas?
Why that huff and puff  by pranayama ?
Why that cleansing by vasti and dhauti ?
Why that focus on mind by dharana ?
Know that difference, in Kundalini yoga.* || 6 ||

Prepare your Self, by preparing yourself
Surrender to Shridevi and Shri Sadguru,
Get Shaktipat by their kind Grace!
Practice Kundalini Yoga to realize –
No! that difference, doesn’t exist: between you and God!” || 7 ||

* Important Note:
We respect all our traditional yoga paths and their Great Masters. However, the comments in the above verse seems to apparently contradict  our fundamental policy. Right?

Here is the clarification to understand it in the correct perspective. In short: a part cannot be the whole! Our effort here is to suggest that practicing a single step may not lead us to  the real goal of yoga.

Moreover, our intention of the poem is to highlight the ease of Kundalini Yoga vis-a-vis other yoga paths. In Kundalini Yoga, needed asanas or bhandhas or pranayama breathing happens automatically as decided by Supreme Mother Shridevi Kundalini.  Since  our Divine Mother Kundalini makes the yoga happen, no need to struggle at all! Just trust Her and your Guru; you are guaranteed to achieve the real goal of yoga.

We hope our intention and message is very clear now.

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Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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