The Road Taken: Shridevi, Put me on, the track you choose!

Picture of Lord Shiva and Shridevi Parvati

Lord Shiva and Shridevi Parvati : The Divine Parents of the World (Source: Google)

Hari Om! Namaste!!

Here is another conVerse at the feet of Shridevi and Lord Shiva.

It is a hymn to Her!  i.e. our Mother Shridevi. We submit to Her with all humility and devotion. But, one may ask: “Why not a hymn to Him, i.e. Lord Shiva?” Answer: There is no difference between Him and Her! We always pray both of them together indirectly, albeit addressing Shridevi alone. Got it?

In this conVerse, we request Shridevi to continuously guide us in the right direction in all our actions and endeavors. This would help us to be always on the right path.

We trust Her 100%. Since She is the knower of everything*, She is the best person to decide the right path for us. Sometimes She may not give us whatever we want. But, She surely grants us that which we really need!

Potential Benefits of reading this conVerse: If you pray Shridevi with this conVerse with devotion, Her kind Grace ensures that you will always be on the right and the best path chosen by Her! What else do you want?

OK. Come along! Let us pray the magnanimous Mahadevi(Great Goddess) for her divine Grace.

Mother Shridevi !

If you think, that I’m on path of just
Be that Force, at the back of me!            || 1 ||

If you think, that my path is wrong
Block it off,  by your lotus feet!                || 2 ||

If you think, I would do some bad
Be my mom, for this crawling kid!          || 3 ||

If you think, I would do some good
Be that Sun, for the plant to grow!         || 4 ||

If you think, that I  lost my way
Be compass, to guide my  sail!                 || 5 ||

If you think, that I’m thinking bad
Be that fire, for the straw of thought!     || 6 ||

If you think, that I’m thinking  good
Add the fuel, for the lamp to glow!          || 7 ||

If you think, I’m on cross of roads
Put me on, the track you choose!   || 8 ||

Notes: * Knower of everything has some esoteric meanings 🙂  :

  1. Shridevi is the Individual Self, the real knower in every one of us. It tells you the essence of teaching from our Scriptures Upanishads: That thou art – That Individual Self is real you, same as Shridevi !
  2. Shridevi is the Universal Self, who knows all and everything i.e.  things, actions, events etc.  That thou art – That Universal Self is you, Shridevi !
  3. From the meanings above, we arrive at the most fundamental principle of Advaitha (non-dual) philosophy: Individual Self is nothing but the Universal Self. In other words, the real you within you is the God which is same as Shridevi!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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