Soundarya Lahari – Shloka #2: Unimaginable Power of Dust of Lotus Feet of Shridevi !

Shridevi and Hinrinity- Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva(Credit: Lightgrid)

The Divine Mother Shridevi with Hindu Trinity- Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva(Credit: Lightgrid)

Taniyamsam pamsum tava charana-pankeruha-bhavam
Virinchih sanchinvan virachayati lokan avikalam |
Vahatyenam Shaurih katham api sahasrena shirasaam
Harah samkshudhyainam bhajati bhasito-ddhoolana-vidhim ||
– Soundarya Lahari, 2

Benefits: Attracting all the world.

Meaning: Gathering a speck of dust from your lotus feet, the creator Lord Brahma brings the Universe into existence without any imperfection[1];
The sustainer Lord Vishnu somehow supports this universe as Adisesha with his thousand hoods[2].
And Lord Shiva, the destroyer, crushes this dust into powder and rubs it as holy ash(bhasma) all over his body(at the time of dissolution)[3].

Exposition: This shloka adores the unimaginable power and glory of Shridevi. It essentially says that Hindu Trinity Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva function as creator, sustainer and destroyer respectively, by depending on the dust of lotus feet of Shridevi.

Just ponder for a moment. If a speck of dust from Shridevi’s feet has that much might, what could be the power of Shridevi herself? Can’t even guess. It is infinitely large and immeasurable! After all, Shridevi’s name itself is Shakti meaning power, right? She is the Mother of all powers.  No other power beyond Her, period.

Further, the dust of lotus feet  also indicates the Grace of Shridevi. In summary, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva perform their respective functions by the Grace of speck of dust of lotus feet of Shridevi.


  1. The creator Lord Brahma is able to create the complex universe with perfection by the Grace of Shridevi. Thus, Shridevi is the bestower of power of creativity to Lord Brahma.
  2.  According to Scriptures, there are fourteen worlds in the universe, which includes the Earth. Seven worlds below the Earth are supported by Lord Vishnu himself. Seven worlds up, starting from the Earth, are held by Lord Vishnu as Adisesha. The word kathamapi(somehow) subtly means that the dust which is same as the universe is so powerful that it needs more effort to support it.
    The words holding and the Earth symbolize sustenance and creation respectively. Thus, Lord Vishnu holds the Earth means that he sustains the creation of Lord Brahma.
    The message of the verse is that the dust of lotus feet of Shridevi is equivalent to the entire creation of Lord Brahma, which Lord Vishnu somehow manages to hold and sustain! Hats off to Shridevi’s unmatched power!
  3. Lord Shiva smears the bhasma(the sacred ash)  all over his body before performing dissolution. In this shloka, it means that he accumulates the extreme power to annihilate all worlds by smearing the dust of lotus feet of Shridevi!

Words of Beauty: Here are almost rhyming and homo-phonic words pairing up to provide a wonderful rhythm and melody: taniyamsam-pamsum, Virinchih-sanchinvan, bhajati-bhasito. Relish and enjoy!

Let us pray Shridevi with devotion for dust of  compassionate Grace from her lotus feet!

Shri Durgam Devim sharanam aham prapadye |

We take the refuge of divine Mother Shridevi Durga!
Shridevi! Be pleased with our prayers.

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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