Soundarya Lahari – Shloka #3: Amazing Powers of Dust of Lotus Feet of Shridevi !

Picture of Mother Goddess Shri Durga

All Powerful Supreme Mother Goddess Shridevi Durga

Avidyanam antas-timira-mihira-dweepa-nagari
Jadanam chaitanya-stabaka-makaranda-shruti jhari |
Daridranam chinta-mani-gunanika janma-jaladhau
Nimaghanam damshtra mura-ripu-varahasya bhavati||
-Soundarya Lahari 3

Benefits: Attainment of all Knowledge.

Meaning: Shridevi! The dust of your lotus feet is:
Island city of the Suns removing the darkness of ignorant[1],
Cluster of flowers from which gushes the nectar of intelligence for the dull-witted[2],
Necklace of wish yielding gems for the poor[3].
It becomes tusk of cosmic boar(varaha, incarnate of Lord Vishnu)[4] uplifting the people immerse in the ocean of samsara(infinite birth and death cycle) !

Our Insights: Look at the power of dust of Shridevi’s feet!

  1. The dust of Shridevi’s lotus feet  are brilliant Suns for people in darkness of ignorance. They remove ignorance by dazzling spiritual illumination like Suns of knowledge.  Shridevi is present in everybody as Mother Kundalini. When awakened by Grace of a Realized Master, She gives the Highest Knowledge and liberation(moksha). This removal of ignorance can happen even by a speck of dust of Shridevi’s lotus feet. The dust bestows so much powerful Grace that it completely eliminates ignorance at once! So, it has a revolutionary effect. Hats off to Her power!
  2. The dust of Shridevi’s feet is like nectar of wit coming out of cluster of flowers. It provides extraordinary intelligence for a dull person. It may be recalled that Great Sanskrit Poet Kalidasa was a foolish person by birth. According to his story, Shridevi’s Grace made him the greatest poet. Similar Grace can be easily obtained simply by the dust of Shridevi’s lotus feet!
  3. The dust of Shridevi’s feet is like Chintamani (wish-fulfilling gem)  capable of providing anything and everything to her devotees. Chinatamani is a divine gem. If we hold it and wish for anything, we get it immediately. So, the dust from lotus feet of Shridevi fulfills each and every wish of Her votaries making them prosperous and wealthy, akin to Chintamani.
  4. The dust of Shridevi’s feet are like the tusk of Varaha(cosmic boar) incarnate of Lord Vishnu. The tusks of Varaha were so powerful to lift the entire Earth from the ocean. Likewise, dust from Shridevi’s lotus feet are extremely strong to uplift the people who are deeply immersed the ocean of continuous life and death cycle. Thus,  the dust of Shridevi’s lotus feet helps her devotees to  transform themselves to merge with the Ultimate Reality, which is again Shridevi Herself!
    According to Scriptures Puranas, once the Earth got immersed in a deep ocean at the time of  dissolution(pralaya). Lord Vishnu incarnated into a wild boar(Varaha) and brought the Earth up  on his pair of huge tusks.
  5. The Most Esoteric Meaning:
    This shloka describes different powers of dust of lotus feet of Shridevi. It offers knowledge to make the person brilliant. This is the power of Shri Saraswati Devi, who is the ruler of knowledge.
    It bestows prosperity and wealth like Chintamani. This is Shri Lakshmi aspect of Shridevi, who is the ruler of prosperity.
    It graces the person like brilliant Sun to erase the ignorance. It is also capable of lifting the devotee out of birth and death cycle. This is the power of Parvati who is the ruler of liberation.  The speck of dust itself is as powerful as these three deities!
    In essence, the dust of lotus feet of Shridevi does the work of three great powers, viz.  Shri Saraswati Devi, Shri Lakshmi Devi and Shri Parvati Devi. Thus, it provides knowledge, prosperity and liberation to Shridevi’s devotees! What else do we need?
    If the dust itself is so potent, then, what could be the power of Shridevi? Can’t even think! It is infinite and immeasurable! Remember that Shridevi’s another name itself is Shakti(power)!  It is all astounding, Right?   

Words of Beauty: Notice these group of homo-phonic words that provide a nice melodious rhythm: timira-mihira, nagari-shrutijhari, mani-gunanika, muraripu-varaha. Relish and enjoy! 

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What a glory of Shridevi! It’s amazing! Remember: because of our great merits, we are discussing Her splendor and you are privileged to read it! We are really blessed to be Her devotees. We pay our humble gratitude to Shridevi for providing us this great opportunity.

Let us pray Her to get the Grace of the dust from Her lotus feet!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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