Rudraksha Yoga Site Update: 10,008 Views Crossed! ; FAQ and About pages revised.

Picture of Weekly Traffic Statistics on Rudraksha Yoga

Rudraksha Yoga on the Growth Trajectory!: A Weekly Traffic Snapshot (Light bars: #Views; Dark bars: #Visitors)


Hari Om! Namaste!!

Here are some important updates and news about Rudraksha Yoga Website.

1. About, FAQ and Our Policy Pages Updated

About  page has been refined to bring it up-to-date. Recently, we updated Our Policy page with 100% interest and 0% return policy.  New queries have been added to FAQ to include Asana is not yoga. A new user-friendly form is included in the Contact Us page to help our readers to send their feedback.

2. Statistics on the Rudraksha Yoga Website from  our MBA (Master of Blog Administration 🙂 )

Good news! We have crossed 10,008 views now, after its launch on January 28, 2013. It is a tremendous growth of the viewership for spiritual articles in such a short span of time! We thank all our readers and well-wishers who contributed directly or indirectly to this excellent growth to help us spread the Highest Knowledge. We are very fortunate to contribute something to our society by disseminating authentic information on the topics related to Hinduism and the Highest Knowledge.

2.1 Web Traffic
Actually, we are not at all bothered about mass traffic. However, we would like to reach as many qualified interested readers as possible.

Note: Since the parameters such as number of views change almost every moment, the statistics given here is just a representative snapshot of the ongoing movie of dynamic web transactions.

  • Recent total views: 10,008
  • Number of unique visitors: 5887 (calculated)
  • Traffic growth: Average 5% WoW!(Week over Week); Average 20% MoM(Month over Month)
  • Projected annual views(conservative estimates): 30,000 views.
  • Projected annual readership: 17,647 readers.

2.2 International Reach by Geographical Coverage

  • Number of countries represented by at least a single view: 102
  • Top nine countries with the number of views with digits three or more(i.e. >100):
    1. India                                :  4,723
    2. United States                 :   2,229
    3. United Kingdom            :   439
    4. Canada                            :   284
    5. Australia                         :   239
    6. Malaysia                         :   152
    7. Singapore                       :   137
    8. United Arab Emirates  :   105
    9. France                             :  104

2.3 All Time Top Posts (so far!)

  1. Lord Shiva in Deep Meditation: Whom does he meditate upon? : 839 views
  2. Lord Ganesha and His Trunk: What is the Symbolism? : 540 views
  3. Vagarthaviva: A Magical Verse from the Great Poet Kalidasa: Part – 1 : 368 views
  4. Soundarya Lahari: A Powerful and Beautiful Hymn to Shridevi ! : 321 views
  5. Why Lord Ganesha is Worshiped First? : 269 views

2.4 Subscribers

  1. followers: 22
  2. E-mail followers: 6

3. Research and Analysis of the web traffic from a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy 😉 )

The numbers speak for themselves! As you can see, there is an almost exponential growth of views and visitors(please see the picture above). Apparently, our readers would like to read the articles on the various topics of Sanatana Dharma, such as traditional yoga, Highest Knowledge, Hindu Deities  and  others.  Right?
It is not so! If you analyze the topics of top readership carefully poring over the data, it becomes very clear that most of our readers are interested in knowing more on esoteric secrets and symbolism of various Hindu Deities. Consequently, the viewership data is skewed heavily towards Hindu Deities category alone!

What it means is this: most of our readers have not read any articles on the core topics of the blog, e.g. traditional yoga or the Highest Knowledge.
Of course, reasons can be many:

  1. Some visitors may be one click readers, i.e. those who landed up in our website while looking for some specific information or an answer to a particular question. Thus, they may not be interested in our focus areas of  the blog.
  2. Some are not yet ready to grasp more complex logic of the Highest Knowledge.
  3. Lack of practical experience in the traditional yoga nor some exposure to spiritual realm.
  4. Skepticism resulting out of committing the classical mistake of applying so called scientific logic to higher spiritual concepts! This is the core issue faced by most of the intellectuals like scientists, engineers and the like.

So, in this context, we would like to suggest our esteemed readers to at least give a try to understand concept of the Highest Knowledge supported by practicing any form of traditional yoga under an adept Master. This way it would help them achieve the highest goal of life, i.e. Rudraksha Yoga!

From the traffic statistics, we can easily notice that almost 50% of our readers are from India! We really welcome this trend. Many of our own people are interested in knowing about our great heritage based on our eternal religion Sanatana Dharma(a.k.a Hinduism) and its Highest teachings to the world.

It is a very good sign indeed, especially in the era of blind imitation by wearing a foreign spectacle, forgetting  that we have our own eyes of the Highest Knowledge that give us the clear vision of the world and beyond!

The second largest contributor to the traffic is the United States. Since the United States is one of the most scientifically and technologically advanced countries, there exists a great need for education and guidance in Hindu spirituality and the Highest Knowledge. So, we are very happy to furnish something to address this niche area of real necessity.

3.1 Dilemma of Addressing Likes Vs. Needs of the Readers

As we can see, the web traffic data reflects the likes of our readers, i.e. general articles on the secret insights of the Hindu deities. Our focus of this blog is the real needs of our readers, i.e. the Highest Knowledge, understanding the Shiva- Shakti principles and traditional yoga. So, there is a clear dilemma on which topic to emphasize in the blog.

According to most people, the solution is a no brainer! Right? Common sense is to cater the likes of the readers. So, what gets published on the blog must be dictated by what its readers like to see! In other words, the author should meet the expectations of his/her readers.

This line of the thinking is in accordance with that of an editor of a commercial newspaper or other bloggers who are hungry to get name or fame, i.e. publish/write whatever their audience likes! So, in this case, readers indirectly dictate or control the content. To put it in the business parlance, the demand determines what gets sold in the market. Otherwise, without returns or profits, the enterprise ceases to exist.

On the other hand, we would like to take the opposite approach. It is the path of social service, without any expectation of return. So, we are not at all bothered about the short term likes/dislikes of our readers. Instead, our focus is on the long term needs of our readers and the society at large. So, although the traffic statistics reflect the likes of the reader base, i.e. topics like Hindu deities, we will focus on the Highest knowledge, real yoga etc. keeping the long term needs of our readers in mind.

This also helps us to retain our absolute freedom to write on the topics we like or the subject we get the insights on. Thus, it does not force us to publish on the subject in which we have neither the expertise nor experience.

Of course, the freedom comes with responsibility: to identify the real needs and deliver the authentic traditional information to our readers. For that, we are heavily dependent on Scriptures as well as the Grace of Shridevi and our Great Masters. Enough said.

The liberty enables us to present the gems of quality to everybody. It is up to the readers to pick them up by recognizing their intrinsic value. It is okay if some people do not realize their worth.  Thus, in Rudraksha Yoga, we control the content, not the readers do.

However, we provide free access to the articles to help everybody. As we are not at all concerned about mass traffic, our anticipation is that only the qualified and interested individuals would be reading our posts.

One more thing: it will be a mistake if somebody thinks that one should avoid reading about deities, rituals etc.  In fact, knowing the deities, devotion, prayers, rituals etc. are important preliminary steps  in the spiritual journey. However, it is essential to graduate from these aspects of Sanatana Dharma to have the Highest Knowledge to realize the Universal Self. So, our  real apprehension  is  about getting stuck in the first step itself and consequently, not making any progress further!

Therefore, the message is loud and clear: do not stop at the attractive peel itself, move further to taste the delicious fruit inside! Got it?

3.2 The Path Forward

As discussed, unfortunately, there is a very less readership for articles on traditional yoga in general and Raja Yoga in particular. So, there is a great need to reach the critical mass to disseminate the right knowledge in this domain. To achieve this, we invite everybody to help us  in spreading the wealth of Highest Knowledge, described in our Divine Scriptures and practiced by our Great Masters, to the worthy and the needy.

Moving forward, irrespective of statistical indications, our focus of the blog will continue to be on the Highest Knowledge and Traditional Yoga. We strongly believe that our Sadguru’s Grace and Shridevi’s Inspiration will be on our side and continue to support in our mission as ever. Our respectful salutations to them.

4. Words of Gratitude

Only by our Sadguru’s Grace and Shridevi’s inspiration, we could contribute a little to our society in some way to enrich everybody with the Highest Knowledge.  We pay our humble gratitude and respect to these Great Divine Forces for providing us an opportunity to share our insights  to help one and all, worldwide.

Enjoy Reading! Have fun!!

Vasudhaiva kutubakam | Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu |

Entire world is our family! May everybody be happy !

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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