Soundarya Lahari – Shloka #20: Power of Praying Shridevi who is Cool and Beautiful!

Picture of Shri Lalita Mahatripra Sundari Devi

Shridevi Lalita Mahatripura Sundari: Cool and Beautiful!

Kirantim angebhyah kirana-nikurumbaamrita-rasam
Hridi tvam adhatte hima-kara-shila murthimiva yah |
Sa sarpanam darpam shamayati shakuntadhipa iva
Jvara-plushtan drishtya sukhayati sudhadhara-siraya ||
– Soundarya Lahari 20

Benefits: Curing of all poisons and fevers.

Shridevi ! Your limbs are emanating cool rays of nectar,
One who contemplates you in his heart, contains you with cool nectar, just like a statue carved out of Moon, (So-)
He cures the fever of a person, by a mere look with his cool nectar filled channel(nadi),
Just like Garuda quelling the pride of divine serpents.


  1. By definition, Devi means one who shines(Divyati iti Devi). All the limbs of Shridevi shine with cool rays of nectar. Her body is compared to a statue carved out of a moon who is cool and pleasant!
    If we contemplate her in our heart, she will reside in us with her cool and shining nectar. Because of this, our sight also becomes so cool and pleasant that just by a look we can cure the fever of a person!
    How? Just like Garuda quelling the pride of divine serpents.
  2. Lord Garuda is a bird that resembles an eagle.  He is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.  According to Scriptures Puranas, Garuda and divine serpents(sarpas) do not get along well. Garuda is extremely powerful when compared to serpents.  Just by his looks, the serpents are scared and retreat by giving up their pride!
    Actually, any disease can be cured by nectar.  Fever is just an example of a disease.  It is mentioned that look of the devotee is like nectar-filled channel.  In fact, power of curing any disease by a mere look, can be obtained by praying cool and peaceful Shridevi.
  3. This verse suggests that Shridevi cures any disease of Her devotee. She also bestows a wonderful and mystical capability for the devotee to  cure any disease of an other person. Thus, She is very magnanimous and kind for her devotees.
  4. Esoteric Meaning #1: Focus on the word amrita-rasam which means nectar. It also means the juice of immortality. It suggests that Shridevi is the source and eternal abode of immortality. It indicates the power of Shridevi to bestow liberation(moksha) for her devotees from temporary world and vicious birth and death cycle. This is the Shri Mahakali aspect of Shridevi who presides the function of liberation.
    Nectar also signifies the bliss experienced during certain types of traditional yoga, e.g. Kundalini Yoga.
  5. Esoteric Meaning #2: Look at the word Himakara meaning the Moon. The Rigveda says:
    Chandram Hiranmayim Lakshmim…| – Shri Sukta from Rigveda
    Meaning: (O Jatavedas! Bring me) Shri Lakshmi who is golden colored and is Moon.
    It implies the Shri Lakshmi aspect of Shridevi who bestows prosperity and material enjoyment(bhoga). Therefore, this word Himakara suggests that Shridevi confers material prosperity to her devotees.
  6. Esoteric Meaning #3: The words sukhayati(pleases/fulfills) implies Grace bestowing power(anugraha shakti) of Shridevi. The phrase darpam shamayati (quells the pride) echoes the quelling or neutralizing power(nigraha shakti) of Shridevi. Both these powers anugraha and nigraha are represented by varada(boon-giving) and abhaya(“don’t fear”) gestures of Shridevi respectively.
  7. Secret Hidden Meaning: Ponder on the phrase Jwara-plushtan drishtya sukhayati sudhadhara-siraya meaning just by a look cools down the fever by his stream of nectar. It suggests that Shridevi provides the Grace bestowing power to her devotee to make him a Sadguru(Realized Master).
    The Sadguru cools down the heat of suffering(jwara) of people who are struggling in the  ephemeral world by bestowing them Shaktipat by his kind cooling look to awaken the Mother Kundalini.
    Moreover, in this context, sudha means nectar or bliss. The word adhara suggests the first psychic chakra, Muladhara. The subtle channels are implied by sira(channel). So, these words echo the fundamental elements of the Kundalini Yoga.
    Further, focus again on the word sudha-adhara-sira. It means the principal channel(nadi/sira), viz., Sushumna which supports(adhara) the movement of Mother Kundalini who flows as nectar/bliss(sudha). Remember, Mother Kundalini is no one else other than Shridevi! Enough said. Let us not go into further details here.

What are we waiting for? Let us pray Shridevi for her divine Grace!

Words of Beauty: Here are the words that furnish a sweet melody and beautiful rhythm to the verse: ki-rantim, ki-rana; sa, sa-rpanam, da-rpam; sha-mayati, sha-kuntadhipa; plu-shtan, dri-shtya; su-khayati, su-dha-dha-ra, si-ra-ya; Relish and enjoy!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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