Soundarya Lahari – Shloka #25: Powerful Effect of Worshiping Shridevi’s Lotus Feet!

Shridevi and Hinrinity- Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva(Credit: Lightgrid)

The Divine Mother Shridevi with Hindu Trinity- Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Trayanam devanam tri-guna-janitanam tava Shive
Bhavet puja puja tava charanayor ya virachita |
Tatha hi tvat-pado’dvahana-mani-pitasya nikate
Sthita hyete shashvan mukulita-karottamsa-makutah ||

– Soundarya Lahari 25

Benefits: To getting higher posts and power.

O Shridevi Parvati! Three Devas(Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) who are born by your three qualities,
get worshiped when we worship your lotus feet.
Because, near the jeweled seat where you place you lotus feet,
they always stand with folded hands on their crowns(saluting you)!


  1.   The three Devas are the extremely powerful Hindu Trinity viz. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, who are in-charge of creation, sustenance and dissolution respectively.
    In this verse, it is mentioned that three deities are originated from the three qualities Rajas(dynamism), Satva(balanced) and Tamas(inertia)  of Shridevi Parvati.  In fact, these three qualities(gunas) of Shridevi are required to these three deities to perform their respective functions.
  2. Esoteric Meaning #1: It is mentioned that the three deities of Hindu Trinity are always near the lotus feet of Shridevi. They pray Her with their hands folded on their crowns to salute Her.
    So, by worshiping Shridevi’s lotus feet, we automatically worship the Hindu Trinity! So, no need to pray Hindu Trinity separately; it is enough to worship Shridevi’s lotus feet to get the Grace of these three powerful deities. All included! Is it not a nice package?  🙂
    Remember, this is the greatness and power of Shridevi’s lotus feet only. Now, imagine the power of Shridevi Herself. It is infinite and immeasurable!
  3. Esoteric Meaning #2: As discussed above, Shridevi commands over Hindu Trinity who take care of creation, sustenance and dissolution. So, it means that Shridevi Herself is the Supreme Power who is ultimately responsible for these divine activities.
  4. Esoteric Meaning #3: This verse suggests that Shridevi is nothing but the Universal Self(Supreme Brahman) that controls everything. The deities are different powers of that one primordial power referred as Adi Shakti. Shridevi is the name for that Supreme Power.

Words of Beauty: Here is a bunch of melodious words that offer a nice rhythm to the verse: traya-nam, deva-nam, janita-nam; puja, puja; pi-ta-sya, nika-te. Relish and enjoy!

Action Point: Let us pray the lotus feet of Shridevi for her kind Grace.

Durgam Devim sharanam aham prapadye |
Meaning: I take the refuge of Shridevi Durga (for her kind Grace) !

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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