Soundarya Lahari – Shloka #48: Shridevi is Eternal and Her Eyes Make Day, Night and Twilight Happen!

Greatest Mother Parameshwari Shridevi Lalita Tripura Sundari

Supreme Mother Parameshwari Shridevi Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari

Ahah sute savyam tava nayanam ark’athmakathaya
Triyamam vamam te srujati rajani-nayakataya |
Trithiya te drishtir dhara-dhalita-hemambuja-ruchih
Samadhatte sandhyam divasa-nishayor antara-charim ||
– Soundarya Lahari 48

Benefits: Removal of problems created by nine planets.

Meaning: Shridevi ! Your right eye, being the form of the Sun, brings the day,
Left eye of yours is the form of the Moon, creates night,
Your third eye which is like slightly blossomed lotus with a golden sheen,
Brings forth twilight, which interfaces day and night.

Insights: What a splendid description of Shridevi’s lotus like eyes!

  1. The shloka says that Shridevi’s right eye is the Sun, who is responsible for day. Her left eye is like the Moon, who gives light in the night. Her powerful middle eye creates twilight which is the transitional time between day and night.
  2. The mention of three eyes indicates Shridevi’s oneness with Lord Shiva who also has three eyes.
  3. Shridevi’s lotus eyes themselves bring about day, night and twilight.  It indicates the Shridevi is responsible for kaala(time). Since Her eyes bring about concept of time, She as a whole, is beyond time. What a great revelation!
  4. The function of eyes is seeing. Apart from seeing, Shridevi’s eyes make time happen. What does it mean? Shridevi transcends time. It means she is beyond time, i.e. She is eternal.
    The eyes see and create time. In other words, eyes see all times, i.e. past, present and future. It suggests that Shridevi is the knower of time in its entirety, i.e. past, present and future because She is making the time happen through Her lotus eyes. It implies the Shridevi is omniscient.
    Shridevi is also called Kaali since She is the consort of Kaala(Time) who is Lord Shiva himself. In other words, she makes Lord Shiva function(happen). It suggests that Shridevi is the dynamic force of Lord Shiva.
  5. Esoteric Meaning #1: According to the verse, the right, left and middle eyes  of Shridevi function as  Sun, Moon and slightly-opened golden lotus respectively. These three symbolize Pingala, Ida and Sushumna nadis of our psychic system respectively.
    The Pingala and Ida nadis are of hot and cool nature respectively. This is why they are also called Surya nadi (Sun nadi) and Chandra nadi(Moon nadi) respectively. The central nadi is called Sushumna which is in golden color with psychic lotuses.   The golden color is due to the presence of Mother Kundalini , who appears a molten gold during deep meditation.
    The word Dara-dalitha Hemambuja ruchih means slightly blossomed golden lotus-colored. When awakened, the Divine Mother Kundalini moves upwards psychic lotus(chakra) opens up. So, the third eye of Shridevi represents awakened Kundalini Devi.
    Thus, the third eye of Shridevi is like slightly opened lotus with the golden color of Shridevi Kundalini. In a nutshell, three eyes of Shridevi are nothing but three principal nadis of our psychic body.
  6. Esoteric Meaning #2: Shridevi’s right eye is the Sun who is the light of knowledge for the enlightened people. The left eye of Shridevi is the moon who gives the cool light of inspiration for the people who are in darkness of ignorance. The third eye is the Mother Kundalini for the people who awakened Her by the Grace of Sadguru(Great Realized Master).
    So, it suggests that Shridevi helps everyone in spiritual evolution leading to liberation(moksha). After all, Shridevi being Universal Self, She is the ultimate refuge for everybody(as Individual Self) after liberation.
  7. Esoteric Meaning #3: Ponder on the phrase sandhyam divasa-nishayor antara-charim for a moment. It suggests that Shridevi is like twilight who bridges day and night. It means Shridevi is that power which is inherent in time that flows through day and night. She is the principle that connects all times, i.e. every moment of past, present and future, almost like a thread that connects beads in a garland.
    In other words, Shridevi herself is time kaala(time). Who is kaala? It is none other than Mahakaala Lord Shiva. By the concept of oneness of Shiva and Shakti(Shridevi), Shridevi is also kaala who is same as Lord Shiva.
  8. Hidden Meaning: The words day, night and twilight are symbolic of three states of a person, viz.  Jagrit(awakened), Sushupti(deep sleep) and Swapna(dream) respectively. According to this verse, Shridevi’s three eyes located at the right, the left and the middle bring about these three states. What about Shridevi as a whole then?  She is beyond three states of everybody!
    Where could She be? Focus on the word: antara-charim, She is inherent in three states!  How? Sutre manigana iva. i.e. all the states are like beads held by the thread of eternal blissful state, the Ultimate Reality Shridevi.
    Our real question is: How can She be realized? In the fourth state called Turiya or SamadhiIn this state, we can realize Shridevi, who is beyond three states in Her full glory, within ourselves.
    What a great insight, indeed! Just amazing! How can we, as mere mortals, appreciate Greatest Goddess Mother Shridevi more with any of our own words? All words are indeed Herself. She is varnamayi(made of words) and lives as the power within the words!
    Alright. This is enough. Let us stop ourselves from delving into greater depths.  😉

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Words of Beauty: Here are the words that provide a melodious rhythm to the shloka: Triya-mam, va-mam; athmaka-thaya, nayaka-thaya;  Relish and enjoy!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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