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Great Upanishat’S peaks : How can we attain the Ultimate Reality?

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! We are back again with the articles in this series of Great Upanishat’S peaks. But, here is a twist 🙂 We will provide the meaning without any further elaboration. Here is why. We have already discussed … Continue reading

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Rudraksha Yoga Site Update: 108th Article Posted and Site Statistics.

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! Here are some important updates and news about Rudraksha Yoga Website. 1. 108th Post published: A Milestone Reached! Yes!  We recently published 108th post on Rudraksha Yoga. We are very happy about it. At the same … Continue reading

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ConVerse: Shridevi ! You are the grammar of the world of words! (108th Post :-)

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! Good news! This is the 108th post on Rudraksha Yoga!  It is really another significant milestone in the journey of the blog. How should we celebrate this exciting occasion? Simple. By another conVerse at the lotus … Continue reading

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Soundarya Lahari – Shloka #100: Shridevi ! Your own words are dedicated to your Lotus Feet!

Pradipa-jwalabhir dhivasa-kara-neerajana-vidhih Sudha-suthes chandropala-jala-lavair arghya-rachana | Svakiyair ambhobhih salila-nidhi-sauhitya karanam Tvadiyabhir vagbhis thava janani vacham stutir iyam || – Soundarya Lahari 100 Benefits: Attainment of all Occult Powers. Meaning: O Mother Shridevi ! Composing this hymn of yours, in the … Continue reading

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