ConVerse: Shridevi ! You are the grammar of the world of words! (108th Post :-)

Lord Shiva's Family(Credit: Google)

Lord Shiva’s Family: Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Shridevi Parvati and Lord Ganesha.


Hari Om! Namaste!!

Good news! This is the 108th post on Rudraksha Yoga It is really another significant milestone in the journey of the blog.

How should we celebrate this exciting occasion? Simple. By another conVerse at the lotus feet of Shridevi.  This is to thank Shridevi and our Sadguru for their continuous inspiration and guidance.

Note: We have given commentary for each verse below to assist you to understand the esoteric meaning from the correct traditional perspective. These verses encapsulate greatest and secret teachings of our Scriptures, the Shaiva Agamas. Relish and Enjoy!

OK. Let us pray Shridevi with devotion and complete surrender!

Shridevi ! …

You are the subject, verb and the object |
You are the speech, and difficult to reach || 1 ||

You are the subject,  for your subjects |
You are the object,  in all the objects  || 2 ||

You are a present, for the present  |
You were the past, also of the past || 3 ||

You’ll be the future, of the future  |
You are the time, who’s beyond time || 4 ||

You are the word, of all the worlds |
You are the world, of all our words || 5 ||

You are the first, person and the last |
You are in a second, but you’ve no second || 6 ||

You are Singular, concealed  in the plural |
You are the plural, within that Singular || 7 ||

You seem negative,  for interrogative |
You are positive,  for all affirmative || 8 ||

You are the active, and also the passive |
You are universe, and cause of this verse || 9 ||


  1. The subject is Individual Self. The object is everything else, the other feeling. The verb is the action, or power of Shridevi. Shridevi is the speech(Vak), Maha Saraswati herself. Difficult to reach means Durga(meaning inaccessible and invincible).
    From the perspective of Kundalini Yoga, the Subject is the Individual Self, the object is the Universal Self. The verb is the action which is the meditation that connects both the subject and the object to realize their essential unity.
  2. Subject means Individual Self, branches of knowledge and so on. Subjects means devotees of Shridevi. The object is the divine power of Shridevi which is present in all objects. It represents the Universal Self, the Ultimate Reality.
  3. The present means the gift. It also means all creatures living at present. So, the verse means Shridevi is like a present/boon for all living creatures, since they can please her to  get anything and everything.
  4. This verse emphasizes Mahakali aspect of Shridevi, who is time and beyond time.
  5. Here the word(a.k.a Shabda in Sanskrit) of worlds refers to the primordial sound Om.  The Sanskrit word for word is Shabda which means both word and sound. According to our Scriptures, the sound of  Om created all the worlds.  Think about it. Actually, our world is really made up of words that belong to Shridevi. Remember, all words are embodiment of Shridevi herself.
  6. First person means the creator(Lord Brahma) and the last person means the destroyer of the world, viz., Lord Shiva. The word second means second person and second(in measuring time). This verse says that Shridevi has the power of these great deities.
  7. It means, Shridevi is the single power present in everything(plural), i.e. she is omnipresent.  Everything(plural) is contained within Shridevi who is the Only One(singular).
  8. It means: for non-believers(negatives) of God, Shridevi appears as  questions such as “Does Shridevi really exist? If so, is it true? Is it possible to see her? etc. This is due to their ignorance.  For the spiritually awakened devotees(positives), she is affirmatively existent, i.e. she is the final answer. Nothing else! For all her devotees, she ensures that all the doubts and questions are vanished, by showering her kind Grace.
    Here is another perspective. Some people do not believe Shridevi or God due to the illusive power of Shridevi who is the Mahamaya(Great Illusory Power). Other fortunate people, believe Shridevi by their own experience  through  spiritual awakening by the Grace of Shridevi via a Realized Master. In this case, Shridevi’s Mahadevi(the Great Goddess) aspect works behind the scene.  For details, read an elaborate discussion here.
  9. In this context, the active voice is expressed voice by which we talk outside. The passive voice means the voice we listen within ourselves. This verse says that both of these voices are nothing but Shridevi herself! This is because she is Vak Devi(Goddess of speech) in her aspect of Shri Mahasaraswati.
    The active means Shakti/Shridevi. It is the active aspect of the Ultimate Reality. Passive means Lord Shiva who is the passive aspect of the Universal Self. Thus, they together reflect Oneness of Shiva and Shakti.The word the cause means two things: the goal and the reason. In other words, these verses are written because of the inspiration of Shridevi, addressing her as the goal with devotion.
    From the perspective of Kundalini Yoga, the words active and passive symbolize awakened and dormant Kundalini power present within us. Let us prevent ourselves from going into greater depths 😉 .

We dedicate this 108th post and all the posts of Rudraksha Yoga to the lotus feet of Shridevi and Sadguru. Let us pray them:

Vande vichitrarthapadam chitram taam Guru bharatheem |
– Great Kashmiri Shaivate Master Mahamahopadhyaya Shri Vasugupta Padacharyah in Spanda Karika 4.1

Meaning: This is a mystical prayer that addresses Sadguru, Shridevi and Shri Kundalini  triad simultaneously. What a wonderful verse, indeed! Let us understand how:

  1. Prayer to Sadguru: I pray the Sadguru’s  speech which is colorful and filled with words with mystical meanings. Here vichitrarthapada means words with mystical meanings. The word Guru is interpreted as Sadguru, a Realized Master. Bharati means speech or the spiritual discourse of the Master.
  2. Prayer to Shridevi: I pray the Greatest Goddess Shridevi who is present as Vak(speech) with mystical and colorful meanings. In this case, Guru means Great. Bharatheem means speech and Vak Devi. 
  3. Prayer to Shri Kundalini: I pray the Greatest Goddess Shri Kundalini, who is colorful and with mystical steps(movements). Here again, Guru Bharatheem means Greatest Goddess Kundalini, who when awakened,  moves with mystical steps and presents herself as different colors to the practitioner.

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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