Rudraksha Yoga Site Update: 108th Article Posted and Site Statistics.

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Hari Om! Namaste!!

Here are some important updates and news about Rudraksha Yoga Website.

1. 108th Post published: A Milestone Reached!

Yes!  We recently published 108th post on Rudraksha Yoga. We are very happy about it. At the same time, it is humbling that we could only contribute this much to our society, without expecting any returns. We pay our gratitude to our Great Goddess Shridevi Durga and our Master(Sadguru) for inspiration and guidance throughout the journey so far. We pray these Great Forces for their kind Grace to help us in future.

We also thank all our readers and well-wishers around the world who encouraged and helped us in our mission to spread the Highest Knowledge to accomplish the vision of Rudraksha Yoga, viz., everybody must be equipped  with the right knowledge to realize the God within.

About  page has been refined to bring it up-to-date.  If have any questions or comments, you may use  the Contact Us page to leave your feedback.

2. Statistics on the Rudraksha Yoga Website from  our MBA (Master of Blog Administration 🙂 )

Good news! We have crossed 45,009 views now, after its launch on January 28, 2013. It is a sustained growth of the viewership for spiritual articles in such a short span of time! We thank once again, all our readers and well-wishers who contributed directly or indirectly to this excellent growth to help us spread the Highest Knowledge. We are very fortunate to contribute something to our society by disseminating authentic information on the topics related to Hinduism and the Highest Knowledge.

2.1 Web Traffic
Actually, we are not at all bothered about mass traffic. However, we would like to reach as many qualified interested readers as possible.

As per our earlier projection, we could have reached 30,000 views in an year. However, due to continuous growth of views, we crossed the estimate well ahead. It shows that there exists a niche need for authentic spiritual articles from India, world over.

Note: Since the parameters such as number of views change almost every moment, the statistics given here is just a representative snapshot of the ongoing movie of dynamic internet transactions.

  • Recent total views: 45,676
  • Number of unique visitors: 30,450 (calculated)
  • Traffic growth: Average 5% WoW!(Week over Week); Average 10% MoM(Month over Month)
  • Projected annual views(conservative estimates): 47,007 views.
  • Projected annual readership: 31,333 readers.

2.2 International Reach by Geographical Coverage

  • Number of countries represented by at least a single view: 133
  • Top nine countries with the number of views with digits three or more(i.e. >350):
    1. India                                :  22,796
    2. United States                 : 11,288
    3. United Kingdom            :   1,587
    4. Canada                            :   1,282
    5. Australia                         :   950
    6. Malaysia                         :   861
    7. United Arab Emirates  :   770
    8. Singapore                       :   687
    9. South Africa                   :  367

2.3 All Time Top Posts (so far!)

  1. Soundarya Lahari: A Powerful and Beautiful Hymn to Shridevi ! : 5,097 views
  2. Lord Ganesha and His Trunk: What is the Symbolism? : 4,330 views
  3. Lord Shiva in Deep Meditation: Whom does he meditate upon? : 3,768 views
  4. Why Lord Ganesha is Worshiped First? : 1,664 views
  5. Vagarthaviva: A Magical Verse from the Great Poet Kalidasa: Part – 1 : 1,370 views

2.4 Subscribers

  1. followers: 24
  2. E-mail followers: 13


Total shares of various articles in social media networks(FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) : 65 .

3. Research and Analysis of the web traffic from a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy 😉 )

The numbers speak for themselves! As you can see, there is an almost exponential growth of views and visitors.

Majority of our readers(almost 50%) are from India, followed by the U.S.(~25%).  The two contribute to approximately 75% of our views. Consequently, other countries are trailing by a large margin.  Although, number of countries with at least one views is increased to 133, there is a real need to spread the knowledge significantly in many areas of the globe. We solicit the help of our readers in this endeavor of fulfilling of Personal Social Responsibility to serve the society selflessly.

Top three articles on Shridevi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva contribute whopping 37% of the views. Obviously, these are the most popular articles on the blog and hence the statistics of number of views are heavily influenced by this. Moreover, interesting trend is  more and more of our articles are being shared in social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

The data suggest that our readers would like to read the articles on the various topics of Sanatana Dharma, such as traditional yoga, Highest Knowledge, Hindu Deities  and  others.  However, for the reasons discussed earlier, our primary focus is going to be on the Highest Knowledge.

4. The Path Forward

As discussed above, unfortunately, there is a very less readership for articles on traditional yoga in general and Raja Yoga in particular. So, there is a great need to reach the critical mass to disseminate the right knowledge in this domain. To achieve this, we invite everybody to help us  in spreading the wealth of Highest Knowledge, described in our Divine Scriptures and practiced by our Great Masters, to the worthy and the needy.

As discussed earlier, moving forward, irrespective of statistical indications, our focus of the blog will continue to be on the Highest Knowledge and Traditional Yoga. We strongly believe that our Sadguru’s Grace and Shridevi’s Inspiration will be on our side and continue to support in our mission as ever. Our respectful salutations to them.

5. Words of Gratitude

Only by our Sadguru’s Grace and Shridevi’s inspiration, we could contribute a little to our society in some way to enrich everybody with the Highest Knowledge.  We pay our humble gratitude and respect to these Great Divine Forces for providing us an opportunity to share our insights  to help one and all, worldwide.

Enjoy Reading! Have fun!!

Vasudhaiva kutubakam | Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu |

Entire world is our family! May everybody be happy !

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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  1. This is a great contribution to the society. Very few can do this. As you mentioned with all blessings you could able to deliver this. May blesses continue to your side and let you spread more knowledge on sanatanadharma to society.

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