Great Upanishat’S peaks : Nature of the Ultimate Reality – 1

OM - Symbol of the Ultimate Reality (Credit: Gita-Blog)

OM – The Supreme Symbol of the Ultimate Reality


Hari Om! Namaste!!

Naturally, we have many questions on the Ultimate Reality:

What is the nature of the Ultimate Reality? How does it look like? and so on.

OK. Come along! Let us try to understand the answers given in our Scriptures in Upanishats by our Great Realized Masters.

Suggested Prerequisites

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The Verse
Sarve Vedah yat padamaamananti tapag.msi sarvani cha yat vadanti |
yadichchanto brahmacharyam charanti tatte padag.m samgrahena braveemi – “Om” iti etat || – Katopanishat, Mantra 1.2.15

Meaning: The word(or goal) which all Vedas declare, that which all penances proclaim and desiring which people practice austerity, that word(or goal) I tell you in brief: it is Om.

Notes: In this verse, Great Master Lord Yama(Lord of Death) teaches Nachiketa. He says that the Ultimate Reality is nothing but the word Om. According to Hindu philosophy, the holy syllable Om is the sound and an alias for the Ultimate Reality. From Om entire world came to its existence. At the end, everything  gets absorbed back into Om itself.

According to this verse,  the Ultimate Truth is nothing but the sound or the word Om. All the Vedas and penances declare that Om is the word of Brahman(i.e. the Universal Self). People live in austerity, desiring to achieve the Ultimate Reality Om.

Here the Sanskrit word Padam means word, status, step and sound(coming from word Shabda meaning word).  Interestingly, the Ultimate Reality is also known as Parama Pada, meaning Supreme Abode.

Look at the magical Sanskrit word: Parama Pada again.  It also means the Supreme Word implying the the word Om! Here Pada means word. Just marvelous! 🙂

Our supreme goal in our lives is to attain the Ultimate Reality Om, so that we will not born again and again to suffer due to accumulated  karmas.

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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