Great Upanishat’S peaks : Nature of the Ultimate Reality – 3

OM - Symbol of the Ultimate Reality (Credit: Gita-Blog)

OM – The Symbol of the Ultimate Reality


Hari Om! Namaste!!

Let us  understand more on the nature of  the Ultimate Reality from the great teachings of Yama( the Lord of Death) to Nachiketa. These teachings are the secrets that enable us to achieve the real goal of yoga.

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The Verse
Etatalambanagm shrestam etadalambanam param |
Etatdalambanam jnatva Brahmaloke maheeyate || – Katopanishat 1.2.17

Meaning: Relying on this word (Om) is the best of all.  This word(Om) is the Ultimate Refuge. One who understands how to depend on the word(Om), gets That which he desires.

Notes: Greatest Teacher Lord Yama, the Lord of death, continues his teaching to his disciple Nachiketa. The word Om is the best mantra of all. It is indeed the origin of all mantras. Om is the symbol and sound of the Ultimate Reality itself. If we understand how to connect Om by chanting and contemplations, we can merge with the Ultimate Reality which is Brahman. This verse suggests the contemplation and meditation on Om sound* to achieve real yoga.

Notice the strategic pun  in the verse by using the Sanskrit word alambanam. It means dependency, refuge and relying. Although, same word is repeated in the verse, it takes different shades of meanings each time. The verse says depending on the word Om is the best strategy to attain the Ultimate Reality. Om is the Ultimate Refuge. By relying on Om by chanting, one can realize the Truth. Fantastic!!

Our supreme goal in our lives is to attain the Ultimate Reality Om, so that we will not born again and again to suffer due to accumulated  karmas. Our Great Masters guide us an show the way in our Scriptures.

*Caution: Meditation using Om mantra must be learned from a Realized Master. Do not try to practice yourself without proper guidance by an adept Master. Otherwise, it may may lead to unpredictable psychological issues and potentially risky.

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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