Rudraksha Yoga Site Update: First Anniversary of the Blog!

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Hari Om! Namaste!!

We have some good news for you! Yes! Today is the first anniversary of Rudraksha Yoga!!

It has been a year since the blog Rudraksha Yoga was started, i.e. on 28th January 2013. Only by the Grace of Shridevi and the guidance of our Saduru, we could contribute a little to our society via authentic articles on Traditional Indian Yoga, Sanatana Dharma(a.k.a Hinduism) and its philosophy. It was an exciting year for us indeed!

We thank all our readers and well-wishers who directly or indirectly contributed to this blog. We solicit their continued support to spread the message of our Scriptures and Great Masters to the entire world!!

As per our policy, we will continue to focus on the Highest Knowledge and Traditional Yoga in our articles, as long as the Grace of Shridevi and our Master is on our side to help us. So…

Enjoy Reading! Have fun!!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Rudraksha Yoga

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6 Responses to Rudraksha Yoga Site Update: First Anniversary of the Blog!

  1. lohit says:


    Belated Happy Birth Day!

    I have read very few articles. ..too good article s with clear thoughts

    All the best……

  2. drugdiscoverytoday says:

    Congratulations on first anniversary

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