ConVerse: Shridevi ! You are the Light and the Fire!

Picture of Goddess Shridevi

Parashakti Goddess Shridevi Durga : The Supreme Mother of the Universe!


Hari Om! Namaste!!

It has been a long time since we had the last conVersation. 🙂 Here is another one.  It is addressed to Shridevi and requests her to destroy our fears and annihilate all our enemies*.

Shridevi by her very nature  is  kind, compassionate and caring towards her devotees. She is there to save them from all dangers. She is both the light and the fire. According to Vaidic hymn Agni Durga Sukta, Shridevi Durga is  shining(light aspect) with blazing flames(fire aspect), because of her power of penance(tapas).

In this conVerse, we pray light and fire attributes of Shridevi. Both these aspects are useful and important in their own ways. Just think about it. If the fire is pleased and controlled, it gives us light to dispel darkness and fears. If the fire is angry and unchecked, it can cause enormous damage and destruction.

In this hymn, we are praying Shridevi to shower her Grace upon us to guide us by her light. Also, we request her to destroy the fears and enemies by her fierce fire aspect.

Here is the conVerse at the lotus feet of Shridevi and Lord Shiva. Come on! Let us pray with complete surrender and devotion.

Potential benefits: Dispelling all fears.

Mother Shridevi Durga!

You are the Light, to those in a plight    |
You are the Fire, for enemies who fight ||1||

You are the Light, for those who pray   |
You are the Fire, for those who prey  ||2||

You are the Light, in darkness of fear  |
You are the Fire, for demon we fear ||3||

You are the Light, to folks who’re good   |
You are the Fire, to those who’re bad    ||4||

You are the Light, that directs the dear    |
You are the Fire, that destroys the fear ||5||

You are the Light, that shows the way  |
You are the Fire, burning evils away   ||6||

You are the Light, for us to  gain   |
You are the Fire, for all who pain ||7||

You are the Light, for all benign |
You are the Fire, for all malign ||8||

You be the Light, and kind to me |
You be the Fire, to zap my enemy || 9||

*Esoteric Glossary: The words in the conVerse have esoteric spiritual interpretations too. You may re-read  the conVerse with these meanings in mind. Enjoy!

  1. Light: The Highest Knowledge, direction.
  2. Fire: The Supreme Force that destroys all evils.
  3. Darkness: Illusion.
  4. Enemy: ignorance.
  5. Evils: sins, karmas.
  6. Fear: fear of being in the infinite birth and death cycle.
  7. Me: Individual Self.

Esoteric Insight:
The Light and Fire symbolize Varada(“boon giving”) and Abhaya(“Do not fear”) gestures of Shridevi respectively. The devotee is requesting for both material prosperity and liberation from birth and death cycle by praying these two aspects of Shridevi.

For details, read a detailed article on these gestures here. Thanks to Shridevi’s Grace we could get this mystical interpretation of the conVerse.

Tamaadi Shaktim Pranatah sma nityam |

Meaning: Let us pray Shridevi Shakti always!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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