Great Upanishat’S peaks : Nature of the Ultimate Reality – 6


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The Universal Self and the Mother of the Vedas: Supreme Power  Shridevi Gayathri

Hari Om! Namaste!!

Let us explore more esoteric secrets of nature of  the Ultimate Reality from the great teachings of Yama(the Lord of Death) to Nachiketa in Katha Upanishat.

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The Verse
Anoraneeyanmahatomaheeyan Atmaasya jantornihito guhayaam |
Tamakratuh pashyati veetashoko dhatuprasadan mahimanam Atmanah || – Katopanishat Mantra 1.2.20

Meaning: Subtler than the subtler, bigger than the biggest, the Individual Self is concealed in the heart-cave of this creature. He who is free from desire and free from sorrow perceives the glory of the Individual Self – 1. through the purity of mind and senses. 2. by God’s Grace.

Notes: In the earlier verse, Lord Yama(Lord of Death) said that the Ultimate Reality does not get killedDuring death, only body gets killed; not the Individual Self.

In this mantra, Lord Yama describes the strategy to see that Individual Self. Individual Self is smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest. In other words, Individual Self pervades everything which is small or big.

Individual Self is located in our heart region. We can experience it by becoming desireless and by purity of  mind and senses.  We can see it by equipoise and by God’s Grace (by devotion).

In other words, since the Individual Self is subtler than the subtlest and grosser than the grossest, we cannot see it easily. It pervades the entire universe just like oil in a sesame seed. Then how can we see it? Lord Yama says authoritatively: we can experience the Universal Self(a.k.a. God) within our hearts! How? by devotion and meditation.

In this mantra, Lord Yama unleashed a secret doctrine elaborated in our Upanishads: 1. God is within our hearts; don’t have to look outside!. 2. God cannot be shown to us by somebody else; we need to experience God within ourselves by devotion and meditation. What a great teaching indeed!

Caution: Interpretation and views expressed above are ours own, from our limited understanding of the verse. Authentic traditional meaning of the Upanishads can be grasped by reading authoritative commentary Shaankara bhashya by our Great Universal Master Shri Shankara Bhagavatpadah. So, reader’s discretion is advised.

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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