Frequently Answered Questions

The Blog: Rudraksha Yoga

1. What is the Highest Knowledge mentioned in the tag line?

According to our Upanishads, Highest Knowledge is the clear understanding of “Tat Tvam Asi (That Thou art)” or Aham Brahmasmi( I am Brahman)!

In other words, all of us came from that same source called Universal Self(also known as God, Brahman, Paramatma etc.).  We are nothing but the Individual Self. We are sparks of the God encapsulated in different bodies. There is absolutely no difference between our Individual Self and the Universal Self. Actually, the Universal Self lives as Individual Self within us. This is the Highest Knowledge.

We can clearly understand this truth only by experiencing it ourselves. We can practically accomplish it by any  path of traditional yoga prescribed by Scriptures and Great Masters of Hinduism.

2. How can we know everything else if we have the Highest Knowledge?

Good question.  According to our Scriptures and Great Masters, the Universal Self (God) is present in everything.  So, logically, if you now the Universal Self, everything else is automatically known!

3. What are the Scriptures? Who are Great Masters?

The fundamental scriptures of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) are four Vedas. Hinduism is like a big ocean: there are many Scriptures like Vedanta, Smritis, Puranas, Itihasa(Ramayana and Mahabharata), Agamas, Tantras and so on. These are collectively referred to as our Scriptures in the blog.

The Great Masters are our sages (Rishis) who revealed the Vedas and our philosophy. It also means various great Gurus like Maharishi Shri Veda Vyasa,  Shri Shankara Bhagavatpadah, Shri Maharishi Patanjali,  Shri Vasuguptacharya Padah, Shri Abhinavagupta Padah, Shri Kshemaraja Padah, Parameshti Guru Shri Bhagawan Nityananda, Parama Guru Shri Baba Muktananda, Sadguru Shri Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swami Maharaj and great personalities like Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shri Swami Vivekananda and countless others.

To understand the importance of Scriptures and Great Masters, you may want to read a detailed article here.

4. As mentioned, Hinduism is very vast with different schools of philosophy. What is your focus?

Non-dual philosophy(Advaita) as established by our Great Master Shri Shankara Bhagavatpadah. According to this, Individual Self and Universal Self are one and the same. In simpler terms, the real you within you is same as the God.

Emphasis is on this school, simply because we are followers of this stream. As mentioned, we highly respect all other theistic religious schools and paths, since all of them lead to the same Absolute Truth.

5. I am a new visitor to this blog. Where do I start?

Hearty welcome to Rudraksha Yoga! Know that you are really privileged.  We are sure that you will definitely take something home from this website. You will not be disappointed! Be liberal. Feel free to take more by reading!  Assimilate the understanding by your own experience by practicing traditional teachings of Hinduism.

You can start by reading the fundamentals in the category The Pillars of Yoga. One has to clearly assimilate the concepts before reading further. If these articles intimidate you in the beginning, you may skip them and go straight away to Raja Yoga Series. Any way, we know that you will have to come back to The Pillars of Yoga later to grasp the articles properly.

Once the principles are clearly understood, move onto your favorite yoga. We strongly believe that: theory and practice should go hand in hand. So, understand the fundamental concepts first and then practice them under the supervision of a Guru(Master).

6.  Some concepts in the article are very abstract. I am unable to grasp them, despite my sincere efforts. What is the best way to understand?

It is very simple! The greatest way to understand is to practice traditional yoga under the supervision of  a Master. The articles in the blog are like Jasmine flowers offered with reverence at the feet of Shridevi and Sadguru. The practitioners of traditional yoga can really feel both the Jasmine flower and its fragrance.

Others, who only read(teach or preach), would see the picture of Jasmine flower that lacks the essence(pun intended!). Still abstract? OK. It is impossible to describe any experience(e.g. Samadhi, movement of Kundalini etc.)  in words so that other person understands it fully and gets convinced.

Some things in life are amenable only to experience, e.g. smell of Jasmine flower, flavor of some exotic food, taste of mango etc. You can never understand these by reading hundreds of books or by writing several theses by doing so called scientific research. Only the experience gives you the proper and comprehensive knowledge.

Here is the advice: practice traditional yoga along with reading these articles. That only would help you to comprehensively absorb the essence of great teachings of our Scriptures and Great Masters.

7. There are many paths of yoga. I am confused! Please help.

After reading and understanding the concepts in the category The Pillars of Yoga, you can pick your yoga path based on your nature here.

 8. Hinduism is known to have various issues like caste system, __, __,(contribute yours!), blah, blah. Do you discuss it here?

No. Sorry! Maybe somebody could start another blog to discuss that! Debating on the issues will not help. But doing something surely will.

It is better to benefit from the great teachings of Hinduism than concentrating on issues in practice. The root cause of these issues is ignorance and lack of the Highest Knowledge. We strongly believe that acquiring the Highest Knowledge by banking on key strengths and great teachings of Hinduism, will eventually annihilate these issues.

So, our focus in this blog is on the greatest teachings of Sanatana Dharma(Hinduism) from the Scriptures and our Great Masters. It is our view that- unless we know and refine ourselves, we cannot improve the society in any significant way. Self-evolution comes first and then the social revolution!

9. Is it not selfish to focus only on ourselves?

No, we are not suggesting you to be selfish 😉 . But, Self-ish!  We hope you got that. Knowing ourselves before helping others to know themselves clearly is more important to us.  This  is our priority.

However, we have a very high regard for charity and social work. Indeed, every one of us should engage in some selfless social work and charity to benefit everybody without expecting anything from it viz., name, fame, credit, respect, status, prestige etc. This will help us to purify ourselves.

10. I am practicing Buddhism/Jainism.  Can I get any help in this blog?

Good luck! We wish you all the best. We believe that, God must help you to go on the right path! Unfortunately, we cannot.  We hope you understand what we mean. We focus only on theistic Sanatana Dharma(a.k.a Hinduism). Strong belief in the existence of God is the most fundamental principle of Hinduism. Period. No compromise or further discussion on this.

10. I got benefited from the authentic information provided in this blog. How can I help?

It is great to know that this blog helped you in some way. Thanks for informing about it and offering help. Don’t you think it is important to help others to derive these benefits as well?  If yes, we are with you!

It is our goal to pass on the Highest Knowledge to interested people. We are not at all bothered about mass traffic. We are only concerned about reaching the right segment of qualified or interested readers.  You can help us in this mission by:

  • linking the blog in your blog or website
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  • spreading a word with your friends and acquaintances

11. I liked your blog. How do I subscribe to get the latest updates and articles?

Good to know! You have many options. 🙂 Please check our official logo here before you subscribe. This will help you to access the authentic information.

  1. WordPress: Our official blog is hosted on WordPress at https://rudrakshayoga.wordpress.com. If you blog on WordPress, you may choose to follow us there.
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12. I asked a question on Facebook page. Why didn’t I get any response?

Please note that we only respond to selected and relevant questions or comments  on the official blog on WordPress.

We are interested in using our valuable time and resources in creating some useful content on the Highest Knowledge. So, we do not have enough time to hangout in social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. We do not keep track of any comments, likes(and dislikes! 😉 ) on these sites. In our opinion, social media, by their very nature, are not suitable for any non-trivial discussion on a serious topic like Highest Knowledge.

However, we have provided opportunities for all social media busy bees to follow us to access the latest on Rudraksha Yoga.  To this end, we have integrated technologies to automatically deliver the latest updates and articles of the blog to these social media sites.  We  log on to these subsidiary sites only to ensure flawless operation of our automatic update systems.

13. Some words like Guru, Scriptures, Masters, etc. are unusually capitalized in the articles. Why?

Don’t mistake us to be capitalists! 🙂  Jokes apart, remember that words have immense power. They are the sound form of the Absolute. Our world is built by words! So, we need to respect the words and their meaning denoted by them. Thus, we need to use the words appropriately.

As you know, some words such as “God”, “I “etc. are always capitalized in the English language to show respect for the meaning they refer to i.e. the Almighty. We have extended this concept further. To show our respect for some people or principles at par with the God, we capitalize those words. So, the words like Guru, Scriptures, Master, Grace etc. are capitalized. Is it clear now?

14. Do you accept any monetary contribution to help the blog?

Not at the moment. Our heartfelt thanks for offering your kind help.

This website is run as a non-profit initiative to help everybody. At present, By Mother Shridevi‘s Grace, we can pay the bills! We will request your help, if needed,  in future.

However, if you still insist, we suggest you to contribute to some local charity anonymously. We will be very happy if you let us know about it.


1. There are many commercial yoga schools, studios and websites already catering the needs of the community. Then, why are you focusing on traditional yoga?

Traditional yoga of India is the mother of all yoga systems in the world. Unfortunately, many people do not know it. Because of lack of knowledge of principles of traditional yoga, many people have been mislead by several misconceptions on yoga: e.g. Asana is yoga, yoga is practiced just for fun, goal of yoga is to cure diseases and so on.

One of the goals of Rudraksha Yoga is to completely wipe out these misconceptions that resulted from false propaganda. Our aim is to guide people to go on a right traditional yoga path under the supervision of an adept Master. This is done  by educating everybody in the fundamental concepts of traditional yoga.

We observed that suffixing the term yoga with almost any activity seems to help selling  products and services in the market place. Yoga is being advertised as panacea to cure almost anything and everything: to get a lean and flexible body, to acquire health, to reduce stress, curing cancer/diabetes an so on.

It is important to understand and realize that curing diseases is part of the cleansing process of our Individual Self  in a journey towards the ultimate  goal of yoga, i.e. to merge with the Universal Self. In other words, healing is a part of journey and not the real destination.  Message is loud and clear: we must know the aim to play the game. It is as simple as that.

Moreover, it has become a latest fad to practice so called modern yoga taking a “me too” approach, without knowing either the aim or basics of real yoga. For some people, practicing yoga has become more like a daily circus to challenge physically (pun intended!) with modern yoga poses to entertain themselves!  What a pity!

It is unfortunate that some of these new age yoga systems focus only on physical benefits, deviating completely from fundamental principles and great spiritual goals of traditional yoga. They literally ask us to ‘spin a wheel’ promising some benefits(whatever they are!) by teaching some physical exercises minus active ingredient, spirituality.

Just ponder for a while. If something is a physical exercise, let us call it a fitness system. Why use the term yoga to mislead people?

Thus, an appalling situation has been created worldwide by misuse of term yoga to achieve selfish commercial gains. It is this sorry state of affairs  prompted us to establish Rudraksha Yoga website to distribute the most authentic information on traditional yoga associated with spirituality.

In summary, only way to eliminate the myths on yoga and Hinduism propagated by false publicity is to educate everybody on theoretical bases of Hindu spirituality and practical  aspects of traditional yoga. This is expected to help all yoga practitioners to understand their practice better to derive the complete value for their own benefit. Also, it inspires yoga enthusiasts to take up the traditional path of yoga right from the beginning.

2. I would like to learn yoga. But, I don’t know where to start. Can I get some help?

Definitely. Go ahead and learn traditional yoga from a good Guru(Master) by all means! We encourage you to do so. You are in the right place to learn the fundamental principles of any type of yoga in this blog.

You may start reading the articles in the category The Pillars of Yoga. Move on to reading all the articles in the category Raja Yoga.  We are sure that  it helps you.

3. I am genuinely interested in learning traditional yoga. Could you please recommend a Guru(Spiritual Master)?

Sure. Please check our recommended links. Real yoga is a life long commitment.  So, before you pursue it, do some soul searching to check if the love for yoga is real or it is just to follow the latest fad. If you are still interested in traditional yoga, prepare yourself first to ensure that your body and mind is well-prepared to receive the descent of power(shaktipat) from the Sadguru to activate the Divine Mother Kundalini Devi.

It is important to surrender yourself to the Guru with complete humility and utmost respect to enable the Guru’sShakti (Divine spiritual power) to flow down to you easily. Also, you must commit yourself to strictly follow any rules and regulations set forth by your Guru and the lineage.  All the best to start your exciting journey!

4. I had been practicing yoga for last many years. I got immense benefits from the practice. But still, I am feeling something missing. Why is that?

This is because you are doing yoga mechanically like any other physical exercise, just like spinning a wheel without knowing the goal! Please thank yourself for this realization. After all, it is better late than never.

The missing part is spirituality behind the practice.  Lack of understanding of real meaning and goal of yoga is leaving you with this dry feeling.  Read the articles on this blog and assimilate them as suggested earlier, you may get a detailed answer! All the best.

 5. I have started learning some fashionable (new age) yoga. Can I get some help in understanding the principles of the yoga?

Enjoy your practice. That is all we can say! For any assistance, you may contact the customer care of that fashionable yoga or fitness exercises packaged and sold as yoga. Founders of that commercial yoga are supposed to know the fundamentals of their new age yoga system very well. So, they should also be able  to help you out better!

We are concerned only with traditional yoga as documented in our Scriptures and passed on to us by our Great Masters.

6. Is asana same as yoga? What is the difference?

Important doubt. Let us wipe this out once for all by clear traditional understanding. Yoga is the process of  union of our own Individual Self with the Universal Self to realize our true and eternal blissful nature of ourselves.  Asana(posture) is one of the eight steps of Maharishi Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga(a.k.a Raja Yoga). Remember: Asana is not yoga!