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Rudraksha Yoga Update: Article on mala beads updated.

Hari Om! Namaste!! Folks, Happy Navarathri and Vijayadashami festivals! We have recently updated one of our most popular articles, i.e.: Spiritual symbolism and significance of mala beads(Japa Mala) in meditation. You may want to read and enjoy! Om Namah Shivaya … Continue reading

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Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Mala Beads(Japa Mala) in Meditation

Hari Om! Namaste!! Folks, Japa Mala or mala beads has been used by our Great Masters from time immemorial. Traditionally, Master(Guru) gives the mala  to his disciple along with a mantra to initiate him into a spiritual path. In modern times, … Continue reading

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