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The Logo of Rudraksha Yoga

Hari Om! Namaste!!

Welcome back!

Rudraksha Yoga got its brand new logo now. You may be very curious and may be wondering:

What is in the logo? What does it convey? an so on.

This article is meant to answer these clearly. The logo of Rudraksha Yoga symbolically reflects its goals and values. Let us try to understand deeper significance and esoteric meaning of elements of the logo.

Gaurishankara Rudraksha

As discussed, the word Rudraksha Yoga has many meanings. One of them is that it reflects the oneness of Shiva and his consort Shakti(Parvati). Rudra means Shiva and Aksha is Parvati(the letters A to ksha of Sanskrit alphabet) and yoga means union.

In the logo, the golden hued Rudraksha is Gaurishankara Rudraksha in which two Rudraksha beads are conjoined. One part is Shiva and the other is Shakti(a.k.a Shridevi). So, this Rudraksha symbolizes eternal oneness of Shiva and Shakti as word and its meaning(Vagartha).

Shimmering Blue Dot

The shimmering blue dot is our own Individual Self, that seed of Universal Self which resides in all of us. According to our Scriptures and Great Masters, this shining blue dot can be seen in a triangle in deep meditation.

The blue dot also suggests that the Ultimate Reality is only one. It also implies that Individual Self and Universal Self are one and the same. This is non-dual(no two; only one) philosophy established by Shri Shankaracharya Bhagavatpadah as declared by our Upanishads.

Rudraksha Yoga and the Highest Knowledge

The greatest goal of our life is to merge(real yoga) with Shiva and Shakti (Rudraksha).  How can we accomplish this? The first step is to have the Highest Knowledge, i.e. our real Individual Self is nothing but the Universal Self. One can practice traditional yoga to achieve the goal.

Shiva, Shakti and the Blue Dot

As discussed, Gaurishankara Rudraksha represents both Shiva and Shakti and Blue dot symbolizes Individual Self. These three elements, viz. Shiva, Shakti and Pashu(literally, animal; Individual Self) form three prongs of trika philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism.

Golden Yellow Hue of Rudraksha

The golden hue is nothing but brilliant energy Devi Parvati, the power of Lord Shiva. Golden color also suggests Shri Lakshmi who is in the color of gold as mentioned in Shri Sukta hymn as:

Hiranya varnaam ….. Lakshmim… |

Meaning: (Dear Jatavedas! Please bring to us) the golden colored … Lakshmi..

Since, Parvati and Lakshmi are part of Shridevi Durga, the golden yellow color further symbolizes Durga Devi too.

Blue Color

It symbolizes the color of third-eye psychic chakra in our body. It represents Guru(Supreme Master) and the Highest Knowledge. The blue strip encompassing the logo implies the protection and guidance given by Guru’s Grace.


The logo symbolizes the message of the articles in this blog. In other words, the mission is to help everybody to empower with Highest Knowledge to merge with the Shiva and Shakti through traditional yoga under the supervision of a Realized Master. The goal of Rudraksha Yoga is to disseminate the Highest Knowledge to all qualified individuals.

Just for fun,try this and relax!

The logo has some interesting property. If you focus on the blue dot on the logo for a minute or two, you will get very relaxed. Can’t believe it? Just experience and enjoy! Yoga practitioners can feel it very easily, because of their enhanced sensitivity.
Why do we get relaxed? Because, we get connected to our own Self represented by the Blue Dot which is full of bliss. Caution: Focusing on the dot for a longer duration(more than two minutes) without proper guidance is not recommended and results are unpredictable.

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May everybody be healthy and happy!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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  1. Balram.j.Dubey says:

    First of all thank u for such a nice details.I liked it very much.I have a question whr u people r located & if one interested then whr to do a complete study of yoga or aasanas. Waiting for ur Answers pls.

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