Our Policy

Hari Om! Namaste!!

Here are the policies of Rudraksha Yoga:

1. Focus on Hinduism and Hindu Spirituality

Topics discussed in the blog contain only traditional Hindu spirituality and absolutely no politics.  The blog has no political affiliations whatsoever.

2. Our “100% interest and 0% return” Policy

Be assured that you are reading a non-profit website fortified with authentic information. Rudraksha Yoga is being run as free service to contribute to our society without expecting any returns. It is  one of the initiatives to fulfill our personal social responsibility(PSR).

We are writing these articles with our own 100% interest with 0% return(such as money, name, fame and so on). We are sure that if you read the articles in this blog with 100% interest and faith, with 0% skepticism, you will definitely get more than 100% return for your investment of valuable time and energy!

If you are 100% satisfied with these posts, we would request you to spread a word about Rudraksha Yoga expecting 0% return.  This would be extremely helpful to propagate the Highest Knowledge to everybody who is interested in Self-evolution.

3. Respect for other Paths

We equally respect all theistic religions or paths, since we strongly believe that all of them lead to the same Ultimate Reality.

However, this blog strictly deals only with Sanatana Dharma(a.k.a Hinduism) as dictated by the our Scriptures and Great Masters. This measure is expected to eliminate unnecessary childish comparisons such as  – “my path is better than yours” etc. It also helps to avoid any confusion resulting from multiple choice.

4. Discussion Etiquette

We respect every individual and an expect the same from others. To ensure quality, every comment/discussion is highly moderated. Constructive feedback and relevant polite comments are most welcome.

We believe that every perspective is relative to the Absolute Truth. So, there is no win/lose in any argument. In any case, we reserve the right to approve or publish any comment.

5. Copyrights and Wrongs

All  the contents in this site are copyrighted. It is OK to copy some important article for your personal use retaining the source information i.e. Rudraksha Yoga website(http://www.rudrakshayoga.org).

Please do not mass copy. Why would you want to do it? Don’t worry about losing any content or policy changes in future! Be assured that the content in this blog will always be available free of charge to everybody. Please link or refer this blog to interested people. This way it will help new readers to access up-to-date information and to get exposed to new content.

6. Our Privacy Policy

We are very serious about safeguarding privacy of user data. We guarantee that we will never share any of your private data(e-mails address, correspondences etc) for any purpose. However, since the blog is hosted on WordPress at the moment, we are bound by their privacy policy as well.

7. Commercial Use of the Content

Any use of the content of this blog for any commercial use in any form is strictly prohibited. However, we strongly encourage non-commercial use of selected articles with prior permission. Please e-mail us for authorization.

8. Continuous Improvement

The content in the blog is not static, but dynamic. We are interested in providing quality information to our readers. So, we update the articles continuously as we learn more and get some new interesting insights. We solicit our readers to share their valuable feedback on the blog to help us in this process.

9. Social Media and Communication

We encourage our readers to link to our articles or write reviews on our website to spread the message of the Highest Knowledge. However, we may not link, like(or dislike!) or follow their website by reciprocation.

Although, we respond to most of the e-mails we receive, we do not guarantee a timely response for all e-mails. Answers or suggestions to your queries depend solely on the information you provide. Remember, more details about yourself(age, spiritual background, religion etc.) would get more personalized solution specific to you. If you are concerned about the privacy, please go through our policy above.

10. Guest Posts

We welcome the guest posts by our readers in this forum. In fact, we encourage it to enhance the diversity of discussions.

However, we are serious about quality. Every article goes through a strict editorial review and approval process before it is posted on the blog.

The post must be original(we mean it!) and should not be published anywhere else in any form. We do our homework before we send the article to press.

We strongly discourage any external links(except Wikipedia) in the articles. So, every link needs justification. No hidden links. Strictly no campaigning to promote any website, product or service.  

The authors should fully agree to the policy of our blog. Accordingly, articles should reflect the traditional teachings from our Great Masters and Scriptures.  No deviation(even subtle and implied!) is acceptable. This is not negotiable.

If you wish to contribute, please send us a sample copy of your article for a review.  We can proceed further as appropriate.

If we discover any issue with the published article, we request the author’s help and cooperation to resolve it. Meanwhile, we will take necessary action and immediate steps to protect the spirit, reputation and interests of the blog.

11. Reporting Errors

To err is human, to inform is divine! Kindly report any errors, spelling mistakes, grammar issues and sentence ambiguities to us. If you find any serious issues in information itself e.g. false information, wrong references etc., please let us know with appropriate references to our Scriptures. We will refine the content if we feel it necessary.  We solicit your help  for continuous improvement of the blog to help others.

12. Contact Us

Your query might have been answered in the FAQ. Please check it out. If you have any further questions, feedback and suggestions, please write to us:

?ru$dra$ksha$yoga?blog?@?gmail.?com$ (Encrypted to avoid spam! Please remove $ and ? to get the e-mail address).

13. Commercial Solicitation

Recently, we had been receiving e-mails from companies soliciting us to review their products and services. As per our non-profit policy, we do not entertain this.

Many commercial websites are requesting us to link to their websites. According to our guidelines, we do not link to any commercial website without enough justification. Moreover, we do not reciprocate linking to our website either. In summary, please do not solicit us to help any commercial marketing campaigns.

14. Disclaimer

The information in this blog is provided “as is” to help everybody. We do not certify the contents of this blog to be fit for any purpose. Please take an expert advice before you use the information in any way.

We have cautioned our readers about the risks and issues of some practices as necessary. Remember, you are accountable for your actions. We will not be held responsible or liable for any kind of harm or damage caused by inappropriate practice or usage of information.

Enjoy reading! Have fun!!

Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Rudraksha Yoga