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Great Upanishat’S peaks : The Wake up Call to Everybody!

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! As you already know, our main theme of Rudraksha Yoga is the Highest Knowledge. So, we are starting this important series of articles that deals with the teachings of the Highest Knowledge in our Great Scriptures, … Continue reading

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A conVerse: Know the Difference, Asana is not Yoga!

Brick is part of a house. But, it cannot be called a house! Asana is a part of yoga But, it cannot be called yoga! Know the difference, Asana is not yoga. || 1 || Step is part of a … Continue reading

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What is the Meaning of Soham?

Hari Om! Namaste!! This is a vagartha article.  In other words, we will discuss a word and its deeper meanings. If you have studied Indian philosophy, especially Upanishads,  in some or the other instance, you would have seen a mention … Continue reading

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Great Master Shri Sujnan Giri Explains: Why do we Worship Millions of Gods in Hinduism?

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! The topic is very interesting and equally controversial, right? Let us understand it clearly from a typical Upanishad way, i.e. a Reality Fiction. In this story, eternal truths are packaged in a contemporary fiction. Let us hear … Continue reading

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Our Greatest Mother Shridevi Kundalini: She is both Mahamaya and Mahadevi !

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! Kundalini Yoga is one of the most esoteric and easiest yoga paths available to us to achieve oneness with the Universal Self. As we know, the divine mother Kundalini is generally in a deep sleep in … Continue reading

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Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation: How does it look like? What does really happen during the initiation?

Folks, Hari Om! Namaste!! We will try to be brief in this post(we mean it 😉 ) As we discussed, Kundalini Yoga is one of the easiest, mystical and highest forms of traditional yoga. In this yoga path,  Perfect Realized … Continue reading

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