A Spiritual Scientific Fiction: God Particle – Part 3

The Paddy Field - Beauty of Creation (Credit: Google)

The Paddy Field – a Beautiful Creation of the God (Credit: Google)

You read thus far…: Professor explained the Master about the limits of theoretical and experimental science in knowing that force which is responsible for creation of the world. Shri Sujnan Giri said that without that force not even a blade of grass can move. Like any scientist, the professor demanded a proof. The Master agreed to demonstrate and asked him to bring some paddy seeds…. Read and enjoy further. Have fun!

An Experiment

Professor agreed. After a couple of days, he brought 108 seeds from the famous agricultural laboratory in India and met the Master again.

Professor said:  “I am back with the seeds. They are of special grade. They are guaranteed to germinate 100%.”

Shri Sujnan Giri said: “Professor! After thorough mixing, divide those 108 seeds into two equal portions of 54 seeds each.”

“Sir, Done.”

“Put them into two packets and label them as A and B.”

“Here we go. I did it.”

“All the seeds in the packet A will germinate and give you the plants. The seeds in the packet B will not. Go and test it.”

The professor went back and tried to grow in a controlled environment in his friend’s lab in India. After a week he returned to the Master. Shri Sujnan Giri asked:

“Professor, I am curious. What is the result?”

“Sir, I am completely blown away! It happened exactly as you said. All the seeds in the packet A gave me the plants and none of the seeds in the packet B germinated! This is amazing. This time, I have 108 more seeds in this packet for another experiment. Can we test again?” asked the professor hesitantly.

“Why not? Please go ahead and plant them. All of them will definitely germinate, no matter what!”

“Fine, sir. I will test them again. Let us see this time!”

He went back with a sarcastic smile. This time professor wanted to secretly evaluate the Master. Actually, in that opaque packet, there were 108 processed white rice grains. No paddy!  He cunningly put them in a packet and challenged the master. After a set of elaborate experiments, he had picked grains of polished white rice that can never sprout!

As agreed, he planted the rice grains in the lab conditions. He checked them after some days. Voila!  All the rice grains were sprouted to give plants! He simply could not believe his own eyes!

With excitement and remorse, he again went the Master Shri Sujnan Giri. He fell to the Master’s feet  and said:

“Sir, it is unbelievable!  As you said – all of them sprouted!  Please forgive me. I lied. I actually put the rice grains in that packet to test you!”

Shri Sujnan Giri laughed and said: “Get up professor! No need to feel sorry. I knew that the packet contained rice, not paddy! That is why I said no matter what!  Nothing works without the command of Brahman. Are you convinced now?”

“Sir, this is a miracle! This is against fundamental principles of science. I did not understand. How can this be possible? What is the role of Brahman here? Please tell me. “

“There is no magic. You can activate this supernatural power within you too. This is beyond science. The Divine Principle Universal Self (a.k.a God) controls everything.   If you realize and merge with that Universal Self, you can become like God.  By my Sadguru’s Grace, I am always connected to that power of Brahman(God).

In the paddy demonstration, connecting with Brahman, I told that paddy of packet B will not germinate. Because of God’s will power, they could not sprout.  In case of rice grains too, all of them gave you plants. Why?  God’s power wanted it that way, no matter what! Got it now?”

“Absolutely. I am fully convinced now. This proved, beyond doubt, that God exists and its force is responsible for everything. It is the creator of the world.  I am sold now. Everything in the physical world is controlled by that Force called God, not by rules of physics. The rules of physics do not work without the power of God.  I want to realize that Brahman. Sir, could you please help me?”

“Sure. In fact, realization of God is the highest purpose of human life. Our Indian traditional yoga is a practical discipline to achieve this goal. You are not ready for that yet. Prepare yourself first for a year or so. If you are still interested, I will help you. God bless you.”

“Thank you Sir.  Thanks a lot for gracing this Knowledge to me. You have opened my eyes! ” Professor shed the tears of joy and saluted the feet of the Master Shri Sujnan Giri.

The professor went back with a conviction to visit Shri Sujnan Giri soon. This was an amazing and powerful experience in his lifetime. It changed his entire life once for all.

He studied traditional commentaries and translations of Upanishads, Bhagavadgita and other Hindu Scriptures from traditional Hindu masters. He modified his lifestyle completely. He started loving all animals and plants. He felt that he is more connected with every being in the world.

So, he gave up eating meat and switched to pure vegetarian (satvic) food. He started chanting the hymns and prayers of Hindu deities.  Thus, a couple of years passed. Now, his goal of seeing and experiencing that Brahman became more crystallized and he decided to meet the Master to request the help.

Second Meeting

Professor met Shri Sujnan Giri again. Professor said:

“Revered Sir, I am back. I want to realize that Universal Self. I pray you to offer me your kind help.”

The Master laughed. He asked, waving  a cup – “I can make this cup talk. Are you interested in listening that?”

“Master, you convinced me already. I am not attracted to demonstrations or miracles any more. My focus is only one: I would like to experience the power of God. Please bestow your kind Grace on me.” Professor fell to the Master’s feet.

Shri Sujnan Giri said: “OK. Get up. Congratulations! You have passed your test.  You are not looking for gaining sidhis(special powers). In fact, acquiring these powers should never be your goal. They are obstacles in the path to realization.

Actually, I am not interested in using these powers to show-off my special capabilities.  I knew from my intuition that you were honestly curious.  So, I gave you a demonstration out of compassion.

You showed a genuine interest in realizing God. You are worthy to be my disciple. Stay in my house for a day. I will initiate you into the real yoga path by Shaktipat.

The professor stayed back. After the initiation, he said:

“Gurudev! You are divine. My salutations to you. I am feeling some mysterious vibrations shaking my entire being. I am seeing a cool light of many moons filling me with infinite bliss. I can’t explain this in my words. Your light of knowledge has completely wiped out my ignorance. Thank you very much for showering your compassionate Grace on me.  I am ever grateful to you, Master!”

“OK. Bozon, from today you will be known as Kanesh, the lord of particles, suggesting that the God controls everything including all elementary particles. Now you can go and practice yoga as I suggested.

You got initiated into a mystical yoga path. So, I don’t have to be with you personally to guide you. One more thing, you can practice your meditation anytime, anywhere! The yoga happens automatically. If you face any issue in your practice or you need my help anytime, just remember me. My Grace, transmitted to you by Shaktipat, will assist you.  I wish you all the best.”

 Thus, a particle physicist transformed into meta-physicist by the Grace of the Master. Bozon became Kanesh. He saluted his Guru(Master) with respectful gratitude and left. He practiced traditional yoga under the mystical guidance of the Realized Master and understood that the God is nothing but Individual Self, his real himself.

Instead of searching for God in the physics lab, he realized it in his own physical body by practicing real yoga. He was now completely convinced that meta-physics is the supreme super-set of all knowledge(including known and unknown); science is just a small bit of that.

He understood. Thus, he understood. Iti Shivam.

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Om Namah Shivaya ||

– Kalidas

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